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It seems you lost the game...
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    This sucks...Lorieli keeps screwing over my team with only her dewgong...And even if I beat it, Cloyster comes in and clamps Communite to death...I have nothing to take out her water-ice types. All future rock challengers, beware.
    EDIT: Finally beat her, had to grind up to Lv. 60 though

    Lorieli: After this, just thinking of Glacia makes me tremble...Got a lucky crit with hydro pump and took out Dewgong. Had to use painstaking stall tactics against Cloyster, toxic and then lots of potions. Took out slowbro similarly, but it had nothing on Communite so I was surfing instead of healing. Next was Jynx, and I switched in Gritty, took a psychic and lived then killed it with rock slide. Last was Lapras and Communite used stall tactics again. It got 2 crits with hydro pump, but I survived (surprisingly) and toxic took it down.

    Bruno: Easy battle. OHKO'd his Onix's with surf, Hitmon's with Fly and 2KO'd Machamp with Fly as well.

    Agatha: Quite a challange, largely because of Gritty's abysmal speed and special. Her first Gengar successfully got parafusion on Gritty T.T and then Golbat died to rock slide, Gritty lost confusion in the process . Next Haunter used confuse ray (NOOO!!!) and Gritty killed it with Earthquake, losing confusion in the process...again. Next was Arbok which started wrapping me, then screeched and I hit it with Earthquake. Last was another gengar, and it missed with its attack and I killed it with an earthquake.

    Lance: Led with Communite. It missed with Hydro pump, and I used toxic. Stall stall stall, gyarados was down. OHKO'd 2 Dragonites (got 3 para hax in a row on the 2nd one, and it was spamming bubblebeam stupidly) Sent out Toruk to take down his Aerodactyl, which worked out nicely. Lastly, OHKO'd Dragonite with an Ice Beam.

    Blue: An intense fight, unlike my dragon challenge (I OHKO'd his entire team last time). He sent out Sandslash, OHKO'd with Surf. Next was Alakazam, it used psychic and lowered my special (not good) and I got it to 1/2 health with hydro pump. Another took it to which point he used a pull restore . I had used surf, then survived another psychic and got a crit with Hydro Pump. Next was Executor, and I would have stuck and used Ice Beam but I switched to Toruk to heal Communite, also restoring its special drop and to kill it with fly, which worked as planned except I had to finish it with Double-Edge. Next was Cloyster (exactly why I switched to restore Communite's special) and I used...yup, stall tactics. It kept spamming clamp, which worked for me. It was doing barely any damage, and its poison killed it. Next was Ninetails, which I ohko'd with surf. Lastly, Gritty killed Jolteon with Earthquake.



    Gritty Lv. 61
    -Rock Slide
    Definately a key member to the team, Earthquake and Rock slide were win in every battle he was in. Only one enemy ever lived an earthquake from this guy, and that was Giovanni's Nidoqueen in my gym battle with him.

    Communite Lv. 62
    -Hydro Pump
    -Ice Beam
    MVP in every way possible. Insane coverage, it took down the weaknesses my other team members couldn't cover. Special was off the charts, it destroyed something in every E4 battle except Agatha. Definately sorry I won't be able to use one again in this challenge.

    Toruk Lv. 60
    -Double Team
    It's a real shame I wasn't able to use this guy more often. He didn't have much use in the E4 aside from Bruno, but other than that in-game he was a total beast with immense attack power and speed at epic levels.

    Oh god, i'm looking for my team in Crystal and it's depressing...I can't get anything good for a long time. Until Kanto it'll be Geodude and...Corsola if I'm lucky. Then I'll be able to add Magcargo in Kanto. I can't even get the best one in the game (Tyrannitar) until just before I face Red, and its not like I'm gonna do crazy grinding just to add it to my team for the last battle. Also, would I be allowed to use Steelix? I'm thinking not since it's not rock type but its pre-evo is Onix which is, so just making sure I'm not going to kill myself with a 2-man team when I reach the E4 for the first time...
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