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Originally Posted by Bards Sword View Post
And now, its time for a....


Yes, periodically, as the release date grows closer, we'll slip bits and pieces of the plot. So, here is your update on Team Solar, in particular, its head:

General Julian Ronald Dag0n
No, its not a slur, its an inside joke, and Dag0n is a last name, sheesh.

Not much is known about Julian. He was born in Whimbrel Town, and at the age of 18, received a pokemon from Professor Palm. Julian was always known to be an avid pokemon hunter and collector. He gained world renown when he climbed to the peak of Mt. Sanguit in an attempt to capture the legendary pokemon Rayquazza, who was said t live at the peak. Although Julian failed, he entered the public imagination as a brilliant trainer. Soon after Julian's attempt, Rayquazza disappeared. Some speculated that the encounter with Julian scared him off, but the majority claimed Julian's attempt was simply a coincidence, and Rayquazza had fled because it could no longer stand the gasses polluting the ozone. No matter what the reason, Rayquazza was gone and could not be found.

Rayquazza's disappearance apparently struck Julian hard. The day the news hit the press, Julian enrolled in the Pokemon League challenge, eventually making it all the way to Champion. He soon used his new found influence to become the guest speaker at many events, and began preaching his favorite topic: global warming. He preached that the end of the world was inevitable, and that the only thing that would save the world was to build a human colony on the moon. Many found him delusional, and he began to lose favor, eventually being kicked out the spotlight entirely when he lost his position as League Champion. Julian then retired to obscurity. He bought an apartment in Raven City, and occasionally still gives lectures on the necessity of a moon colony, if anyone is willing to listen.

What the Average Citizen Doesn't Know:
After losing his Championship, Julian founded Team Solar. For all outward appearances, the group appears to be attacking the environment as a way to hasten the world's destruction. The group claims that since humanity has shown itself to be so unfit rulers of the world, it is best to speed up climate change and destroy everyone. But such a shallow reason is not really what Julian intends. No, he hopes that by speeding up global warming, everyone will realize that Julian was right about a moon colony. He hopes to be vindicated, and become a savior of humanity.
Nice! Sound like there may be a trip to the moon at some point... :cer_boogie:

Originally Posted by Starrmyt View Post
Well, in any case, here's the moment you've all been waiting for....

Looks good! Trying to decide between starting with it, or Pireel. Keep it up!