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    I swept Kanto in about an hour earlier. I didn't record how I beat each the gyms, because frankly they were all a little boring. Blue did cause me a little trouble, but once luck got on my side (critical against Exeggutor, Mega Kick hitting first time against Alakazam, Pidgeot getting frzhaxed), I managed to beat him.

    I am currently grinding for Red, partly in Mt. Silver and partly by beating the E4 over and over again. I've tested my team a couple of times against him, but I just can't get past that Espeon.


    Crystal is finally complete!

    The Red battle was pretty intense. I was going to describe it, but I decided to record it instead. Much easier than trying to remember who killed who.


    Lvl. 40
    - Mach Punch
    - Fire Punch
    - Ice Punch
    - Thunderpunch
    Again, great coverage let down by low special. Nonetheless, I couldn't have won without the super-effective moves that this guy held. MVP against the E4, and useful against Red.


    Lvl. 39
    - Swift
    - Mud Slap
    - Hi Jump Kick
    - Mega Kick
    MVP overall. A powerful Pokemon that could one-shot most things in its way. Hi Jump Kick was massively useful, as was Mega Kick (which dealt with various Psychic and Flying types that would otherwise have wiped out my team).


    Lvl. 73
    - Strength
    - Thief
    - Triple Kick
    - Dig
    LVP overall. Triple Kick was terribly innacurate and Thief was a waste of a moveslot. However it was decent enough to earn its place on the team, one-shotting Red's Pikachu and doing consistent damage against a lot of opponents with Strength.

    Move me to Hoenn!


    I've just started Sapphire. I chose Torchic (obviously) and named it Cranberry, then made my way to Petalburg to catch a Shroomish, which I haven't thought of a good name for yet. Any suggestions?
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