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    Chapters are now going a bit faster, (ironic, considering that we're almost done XD) yet still not beta-read. >< Sorry.

    Chapter 7, Part 5: Poacher

    “Calm down, boy, calm down...” Will gulped, knowing full well that the Espeon was anything but listening. He had to admit his last experience with a wild Pokemon was years ago, when he was still an average trainer in his middle teens and he was still building up on his team. Since then, he had not made any addition to it, rather training up the Pokemon he already had (and doing a bit of breeding with them- but that was something he did not like to talk about this, as it had been anything but intentional).

    All in all, he felt a bit pi...irritated at his girls for leaving him completely alone – or rather, at the mercy of this rabid Espeon.

    The Pokemon hissed and lunged at him; Will quickly jumped out of its way, a wall stopped his fall as the airship suddenly rocked, making the Espeon fall to the ground as well and rolling to the other side.

    “Is the pilot drunk or what?” Will asked angrily while getting up, wiping a few strands of hair away from his eyes. He didn’t have much time to muse about the airship’s navigator’s condition as there was another hiss behind him and he gulped at the sight of the Espeon being ready to leap at him again.

    “You obviously don’t want to give me an easy time with this, eh?” He asked as he started to pull out a Pokeball from one of his suit’s pockets, enlarging it in his hand. He had been briefly thinking about which Pokemon to use, because he feared the Espeon knew Bite, which was pretty obvious from how it behaved. And Bite, being a dark type move, would hurt all of his Pokemon equally. In the end, he decided, it didn’t really matter much. He had the choice between fleeing- and most likely getting caught and mauled by the psychic Pokemon, and fighting himself- a great idea with his psychic abilities being a joke, and fighting the traditional way. The normal traditional way, as he assumed that his girlfriend wouldn’t have minded a Pokemon versus human battle being called traditional.

    Maybe he should ask her if there had really been battles between psychic Pokemon and psychic humans, the rumours were there, after all...

    “Essss...!” He jumped to the side, out of the range of a Psybeam, just in time to open the Pokeball and calling out one of his Xatu. The mystic Pokemon didn’t need to be told what to do, it spread it wings and intercepted the attack. Since Xatu was partly a psychic type too, a Psybeam didn’t hurt it that much, but Will was surprised at how much damage the attack managed to land anyway. Either his Pokemon had weakened significantly- something he doubted, after all, the Xatu were his self-declared signature Pokemon and he took great care in training them intensively, or the Espeon was extraordinarily strong. He bit his tongue, feeling slightly surprised, but then, this Espeon apparently had evolved, despite all his doubts, in the wilderness, and had been trained by nature itself. Wild Pokemon tended to be a bit tougher than the ‘pet’ Pokemon of trainers.

    “Night Shade!” He called, ducking out of the way of another attack, feeling the ground move again. Whatever the airship was doing, it wasn’t flying steadily. He cursed under his breath, but decided that this wasn’t giving him much of a disadvantage in battle. After all, the Espeon wasn’t defying gravity, either.

    The waves of darkly violet energy rushed towards the Espeon, who didn’t made any attempt at fleeing. Will wondered what the Espeon was intending to do, until he remember its move set. “Reflect...” He swore under his breath again, clenching his fists. Although Reflect was not a move Espeons regularly learned naturally, it was a move they could easily copy after watching it a few times, just like many other psychic moves like Teleport. This Espeon was strong.

    The Espeon crouched down, a slight evil grin on its face, which alone told Will to be careful again. Suddenly, the Pokemon dashed to him, leaving his Xatu behind and just a few inches before his face, the Pokemon stopped, with the same evil grin. The elite trainer half expected to get a Psybeam aimed straight at his face, until he noticed that something was glistering around the Espeon’s paws. “Huh?” It took him to long to notice that the Espeon had, due to the lack of a natural environment that was required to use this attack, simply teleported some sand up into the airship and was about to use said substance for a nasty attack.

    “Espeon!” Snickering, it threw a pawful of sand into his face, and using his temporarily loose of orientation for escaping.

    “You bi...” Will stopped himself, reminding himself that the Espeon was apparently male and the word he had intended to say was anything but fitting, and sadly, there was no male equivalent for it either. “I may be half-blind, but that’s absolutely no reason to make fun of me!” He screamed after the Pokemon, but it didn’t even think of paying him any attention anymore.

    Will sighed and turned to Xatu, who was patiently waiting for his master to recover. The Espeon had run into a lonely, quiet and wide hallway which was ending in an even wider dead end. The Pokemon was obviously not happy about this, snarling and scratching at the wall that blocked his escape, but nothing he did could open an entrance to freedom. And worse, he could hear the weird human-the human was certainly weirder than every other one of his race the Espeon had met before, coming closer again.

    Will had just spotted the psychic Pokemon again when the airship shook again and he had to steady himself by holding onto the wall. He blinked as he could feel the airship starting to softly land on the ground beneath them. He had not noticed that the landing process had been started by now, but apparently they were already very close to the ground.

    There was a sudden ripple in the air and Will, already knowing a bit about psychic attacks in general, half expected a Psybeam to be aimed at him and ducked to be on the safe side in case this was really happening, but to his surprise, a strong breeze of cold air suddenly swept over his skin.

    The psychic trainer looked up. Before him the entire wall had opened up, leaving an open gab in his place. Will backed away, afraid to fall out of the airship once more, just that this time, there was no one here to safe him, for he doubted that his Xatu would be able to carry him and the Espeon would, if it even cared in any form for him, rather sabotage his plans of saving himself instead of doing anything useful.

    But as he had expected, the airship had already landed, leaving a beautiful mountain scenery in front of them. The Espeon waggled its tail happily and started to jump out of the airship, just as Will was climbing up and starting to follow it. “Hold it on!” He screamed. “This battle hasn’t finished yet!”

    The Espeon turned back to him, its eyes glistening with anger and annoyance. It wasn’t as if it didn’t want to battle- this Espeon had won many battles and participated in even more, but for now, it wanted to enjoy its newfound freedom, something it had been longing for a very long time. No human should disturb, or worse, hinder him from walking away right from this scene, from the cruel, cold und unfeeling humans that loved to take away the right of a Pokemon to choose where it wanted to live by itself. He disgusted Pokemon that were owned by a human. May the humans think they had the perfect training methods and facilities for Pokemon, may they think they cared wonderfully for them and they loved and adored them until death and was all a joke, a farce to rip them of their own mind. He had seen Pokemon getting caught against their will, crying, whining, screaming, lamenting their fate. And, and he bit his tongue as he looked back and saw the Xatu, standing there still at his master’s side and ready for every order, he had seen Pokemon going willingly with the humans.

    He couldn’t understand it. He couldn’t understand the weakness of these Pokemon, and he assumed he didn’t even want to know about it. Yet...this human was psychic as well. The Espeon had heard of psychic humans, the strongest of them rivalling the power of weaker psychic Pokemon. That, on the other hand, fascinated him. If humans could develop the same powers as he had, when he had evolved from Eevee...he had been so confused, so unsure and shy about his powers. It was an assumption without any real base, without the facts to prove it, but he supposed that humans, once confronted with their own supernatural powers, felt similar emotions. Maybe, and even though he was aware of the blasphemy of that thought, humans could feel empathy for Pokemon, and vica verse. Maybe it was just a question of circumstances.

    The Espeon smirked. This time, he was ready for a battle. A real battle.

    Will blinked. The Espeon had stopped and was now staring at him, its tail lashing out, all four paws steadily on the ground, claws out. Will had to wonder why he was surprised at Espeon having claws, after all, they were feline Pokemon and just because they were known as loyal, sophisticated psychic Pokemon didn’t mean that they weren’t perfect hunters. The Espeon obviously proved it.

    A slight hiss and suddenly, another Psybeam lashed out, but surprisingly, not at Will himself, but in the direction of his Pokemon. The trainer jumped to the side, rolling onto his back and watching the scene from behind. Xatu had lifted his wings to protect himself from the Psybeam and that had worked pretty well, despite the disadvantage of being attacked by surprise on their side. Xatu looked at Will expectantly and the young man realized that the battle had been started from anew now. He stood up, looked over to the Espeon who seemed stunned, then commanded his Pokemon to use Confuse Ray.

    Espeon bit his lip and prepared himself for the upcoming attack. He hadn’t expected this stupid bird to be so powerful! Then again, there were rumours between the Pokemon of his home, the ones that lived near the human settlements at least, that even between the humans, there was some sort of ‘hacking order’. That there were humans that were looked upon, leaders of some sort, simply because they had stronger Pokemon than the usual human. He could understand that even between the cruel and unfeeling bastards- or maybe especially between them, there had to be some kind of order, some people had to guide and some had to be the lower classes. It was just natural, the Pokemon were no different at all. He just now realized what little to none difference was between the Pokemon society and that of the humans.

    And he seemed to have the bad luck of encountering such a human leader and his Pokemon. And maybe, judging from how powerful the woman that had caught him had been, with her commanding the powerful, mystic and legendary Dragon Pokemon, she was very likely one of them, too.

    Calling upon a Reflect, the Espeon tried to avoid the Confuse Ray, but Xatu had expected this with his Future Sight and directed the Confuse Ray around the Espeon’s wall of Reflect, seeing as the Pokemon hadn’t bothered to do a full body shield. The lightening-like bolt of ghostly energy hit the feline psychic Pokemon straight on the head, thus being even more effective than usual. Will smiled, but only till he could see that the Espeon, in its confusion, was stumbling down the ramp which had been opening from the airship. The Pokemon finally fell into the fresh grass outside, shaking its head as it was trying to get the swirly rays of perplexing thoughts out of its head.

    Will looked around, he wasn’t sure where J was, or if his two girls had managed to overwhelm her, but he surely didn’t want to let to the Espeon get away, may it be wild or not. A flash of an idea crossed his mind briefly, but he casted it aside for the time being. Mainly because he had to avoid another Psybeam that was originally aimed at his Xatu, but the Espeon, still slightly confused, couldn’t tell the two moving similar blobs of different colours apart.

    “Note to myself: Confuse Ray is not a good move...” Will cursed, recalling his battle with Sabrina months ago, the battle where he had ended up confusing a Pokemon and its trainer. Now, the later consequences of said battle hadn’t been so bad at all, but still, neither a confused Pokemon nor a confused woman were things he wanted to come across again.

    He turned again around to watch the Espeon, deciding to go for damage instead of status changes. “Xatu, Me First!” The Pokemon nodded and dashed off. It was so fast that the Espeon didn’t even know what was striking it, falling to the ground before it could do any damage. “Now, Psychic!” Will cried, pretty sure that this would be the finished move, seeing how much damage Me First had dealt. He was going to be wrong.

    Angrily, the Espeon opened his eyes and looked his enemy right into the eyes, despite the pain. He fought to get up again, avoiding the psychic attack as good as he could and ignoring the pain that the part of attack which still hit him caused. Almost blinded himself by the sheer pain, he spun forward with lightened speed, and even though tackle was not the most useful of all attacks, it still did good against a fellow psychic Pokemon, he knew just so well. The Xatu fell back, surprised by the sudden attack, but didn’t retreat. Most likely because its trainer hadn’t told it to, the Espeon thought with an infuriated pang in his heart. Pokemon in nature never fought longer than needed, at least if it was just a training battle and not one of life and death or, the Espeon trembled inwardly, for mates. That was something he had never thought about before, of course, he had been the oldest and strongest male in his clan when he had still been home, but that had never mattered much, because all the females around were related to him. And he had never thought about leaving his territory to find other members of his species, was home, wasn’t it? And now he wasn’t home anymore. He wanted to get back, though, and so, the chances that this unwanted move may offer him had never crossed his mind.

    He shook his head and looked around, searching for the Xatu. He couldn’t see it, but he was pretty sure the human would never have recalled it to its ‘prison’ as long as it was still able to fight, which it obviously was. The Espeon was completely shocked as he heard some flapping in the air above him and bent his neck to see the Xatu flying above him. It was, or at least he had assumed that it was common knowledge between humans that Xatu couldn’t fly, even though Pokemon knew of course that they very indeed able to. Again, this special human had managed to surprise him, breaking the prejudices he had against the common ignorance of humanity.

    “Xatu, Fly!” Will smiled, he liked the fact that the Espeon had managed to hold its own quite well in this battle, showing strength against the Pokemon of a trainer, an elite four trainer even. Nature itself was a good trainer, he had always known, but now he had the very proof in front of his eyes. Again, a certain thought played through his mind, but this time, his body copied the imaginary movements, as Will reached into his suit and pulled out an empty Pokeball, playing with it between his fingers. Xatu noticed the silent note of his master and nodded.

    It fell like a stone from the air, but that was only a tactical move, nothing dangerous and certainly not a crash landing. The trick was to make the Espeon believe it wouldn’t be hit, that the attack would miss it. It was, to some extent, cheating, but Will didn’t care about that.

    The Espeon hadn’t completely failed to notice Will pulling out a Pokeball, and the meaning of that action didn’t miss the Pokemon, too, but his mind, still confused by the Confuse Ray, couldn’t put two and two together. Neither could he correctly judge the angle the Xatu came crashing down, thus coming to the conclusion that the Pokemon was going to hit him and he jumped to the side. The wrong side, sadly, as he crashed into Will without intending to do so obviously.

    Will yelped, yanked out of the airship and into the fresh, bright green grass. Xatu stopped his landing just as he saw what had happened, flying over to his master and the other psychic Pokemon. Espeon quickly got onto its feet again, trying hard not to stumble too much. The world was spinning, spinning around, and green and grey and blue were mixing and fading into each other. He shook his head and hissed. He couldn’t allow himself to falter in the middle of the battle, he knew too well what happened to Pokemon who did.

    “Xatu, Peck!” The Espeon was surprised and reeled back, not knowing where the attack came from. He took too long to finally notice that Xatu was again over him, and by the time he saw the bird Pokemon, there was no time left for him to dodge the attack. He could either try to defend himself by using Reflect again or he could start a counter-attack, which might have a similar effect.

    In the end, he decided to wipe out the Xatu if possible, and therefore, he used his strongest attack. Psychic. In nature, no Pokemon had managed to withstand this attack of him, the mystical power knocking them unconscious and making his ego grow widely over his head. He had been a strong Pokemon back at home, he was nearly sure that he had been the strongest Pokemon, both in his clan and his territory. And he had underestimated a trainer’s Pokemon, clearly underestimated it. Maybe that was going to be his downfall, maybe he needed a rip back to reality and earth’s surface. Or, maybe, he was going to triumph once more, and show the world that wild Pokemon didn’t have to hide from trained Pokemon at all, that they were equal in every meaning of the word.

    He could feel the energy waves of the Psychic attack surrounding him, protecting him from the beak of the Xatu as good as they could, but the Xatu wasn’t going to give up either. Its eyes closed, it literally hang in the air, the body even stiffer than usually, every ounce of power concentrated in this single attack. And then, the Xatu started to come down, falling, coming closer...

    And closer...

    Until there was nothing that held the Xatu anymore, the Psychic attack vanishing into nothingness, the feeble blue lighting that zapped around it fading quickly. Xatu crashed into Espeon, sending it flying farther away into the grass, drops of dew wetting its sensitive fur. The Espeon could feel every drop of water hit him, but he was too weak to shake them off anymore. He could feel the world blurring, fading into grey which slowly turned into black. All the noise around him disappeared as well, leaving him in blissful, silent darkness, the only sensation being the coldness of his soaked hair.

    Will smiled as he played with the Pokeball between his fingers. He was waiting for the right moment, the right second to throw it. He had not planned to catch the Espeon, at least not for a long time. Once his Xatu had started to fight with the Espeon, though, the thought had crossed his mind and he had to admit that he hadn’t thought of the consequences yet. He hadn’t been training a new Pokemon for years, he had had his team for a whole decade by now, which was maybe one of the main reasons why he had managed to win a league tournament and become an elite trainer. And all the paper work that he was now going to face, seeing as Lance liked to have everything recorded and on white and yellow paper and possibly with several signatures and twice and in Latin and Chinese...he was going to spend more hours on filling out the papers needed to register a new Pokemon than he was going to train said new Pokemon.

    But the Espeon had intrigued him. He had never believed that there could be Pokemon that depended on happiness to evolve to be able to do this in the wild, but he had been wrong. He admitted that he had been wrong, but he didn’t feel ashamed about it. To tell the truth, he was tempted to study the Espeon more than train it, finding out how it had managed to survive and evolve in the wilderness, knowing that all wild Espeon that had been registered so far had been former Pokemon of trainers and had escaped from their home for various reasons. These Pokemon were spoiled, as unpleasant as it was to admit that, and more often than not, they crawled to human settlements as soon as they found out that food didn’t come in handy tins out there. Or when winter came. Whatever realization came sooner.

    Maybe that would calm Lance down in the end and keep him from suffocating Will in paperwork. Though scientific research on a Pokemon was anything but not paper consuming, either.

    He twisted his fingers a bit, feeling the cold, smooth plastic beneath them, just waiting, just waiting...and then, he threw the Pokeball.

    The Espeon had already fainted, there was no doubt in him about that. It was only a question of whether its will to continue a free life was stronger that the beating it had taken. He couldn’t be sure about that, many Pokemon in a condition worse than the one of the Espeon had managed to escape. He wouldn’t be angry, or disappointed if that happened here, too. He would just try again.

    The Pokeball hit the Espeon, engulfing it in a pale, transparent red light. The Pokemon’s form blurred, the outline disappeared and was sucked into the Pokeball, which fell to the ground with a thud and lay there, moving slightly. Will tensed, his eyes fixed on the Pokeball, not even noticing what was happening behind him, not hearing the approaching steps, not noticing who was arriving.

    The Pokeball stopped moving.

    Will proudly walked over, his Xatu watching silently while glancing backwards. The young man couldn’t hide his happiness anymore and jumped into the air, holding the Pokeball over his head with one hand as he did so. “Yes! I caught it!” Xatu croaked, rising an eyebrow as he watched his master.

    “Lovely. You caught an Espeon. Big deal, genius boy.”

    Will blinked and turned around as he heard the smug, female voice. He sighed as he recognized it.

    “Nice of you to show up now, girls.”

    Sabrina snarled and jumped down, out of the airship, and walked over to him. “While you had the easy walk with the Pokemon, we had to take care of J herself, if you didn’t know. “ Will backed away but didn’t say anything, as he didn’t want to infuriate his girlfriend anymore. Maybe she was just jealous because she didn’t have an Espeon, and now he did.

    “What are we going to do now?” He asked, using the option for a change in topic.

    Sabrina glanced at Karen, who nodded. “We’re out of this. Going back to the league I mean.”

    “What about J?” He asked, curious as to why the girls hadn’t brought her with them, possibly tied up and unconscious.

    “There were certain problems with the original plan, we’ll leave that for later.” Sabrina glanced around. “For now, we’ll have to get away before Cynthia shows up or else we’re as good as toasted.”

    Will raised an eyebrow, but didn’t comment again. The two surely had their reasons for this. And he would be damned if he dared to ask them about it.


    J blinked, the world around her swirling and dancing smoothly in and out of focus. She didn’t really know where she was, why she was here and why there was a herd of men in similar clothing, yet of very different stature crowded around her, watching her with kind, yet fearful and hesitant eyes. She blinked a few times, running her hand over her forehead and noticing a few bumps here and there, knowing full well that they weren’t supposed to be there and would give her a lot of pain later. She must have been in some kind of fight, but then, why didn’t she remember any details...?

    Suddenly, the sea of men before her parted and through watering eyes, she could see the tip of a black furred coat, swinging smoothly around long, thin legs. J looked up and saw the grey, lifeless and harsh eyes of a woman. And unlike the events of the last hours, she remembered the woman...all too clearly, one might say.

    “Client M...” J tried to get on her feet, but failed and almost fell down, if it hadn’t been for Cynthia, who held her upright without moving so much as a finger. Only her lips tilted into a small smirk, the rest of her face unmoving.

    “I got what I wanted. Therefore, I declare our cooperation to be finished. You’ll get your final payment from a co-worker of mine. You may move back to Sinnoh if you wish to do so, I’ll cover the costs of the ticket.”

    J blinked, trying to follow the melodic words as her head was still spinning. Finally, she nodded, deciding that anything she might add would only worsen the situation and she was better of silent.

    Cynthia walked away from J, still smiling to herself as she did so. She hid one of her hands under her coat, holding a small, black package, containing several video tapes.

    She smirked. She had a lot of watching to do today. Maybe then- and her smirk disappeared, leaving her with a disturbed, almost frightened expression; she would understand what had happened between the two psychics. And why the same couldn’t happen to her and Lucian.

    Or could it?


    The group had been walking in silence for quite a while now, and it was starting to bother Will. He knew something was still up, and he certainly wanted to know what that was, but he didn’t know how to approach it. There were some questions that still bugged him. He hadn’t had the time to ask his girls before, so he decided that now might as well be the time to finally get some answers. They were already getting closer to the league’s headquarters, after all, and he was quite sure that once they had reached the complex and once they were inside, they would be interrogated about their adventure and the girls would have the chance to avoid him and his questions.

    “Um, girls...?” He started, staring at the two backs that walked in front of him. Neither stopped and his courage dropped. “I just wanted to know...I was kinda, well, out for some time...” He hesitated. “At least I can’t remember all of today, and yesterday...and the days’s like a blur.” He looked up, hoping that they wouldn’t completely ignore him. “I want to know what happened.”

    Sabrina stopped, but from the looks of it, she wasn’t too cheerful. “Maybe you should ask Karen about it, gigolo.” She glanced angrily at the woman at her side, who merely shrugged her shoulders and curled her lips.

    While Will had no idea why Sabrina was annoyed and why she was calling him a ‘gigolo’ of all types of men, he knew that Karen would answer him. Even if it was a bad thing to get answers from the dark trainer...

    “” He asked shyly, fighting with every word.

    Karen snickered, then sighed. “Okay, I’ll tell you. Yet, before I do...I’ll apologize. I’m sorry about what I did to you two.” Sabrina looked over her shoulder, suddenly interested, but suspicious as ever, considering that she was talking to the woman who had dared to steal Will from her and had not Janine’s naivety as an excuse. Karen paused, biting her cold, dark lips. “Will, you were...under my dark mind control for some time. To be exactly, since the moment that we met up in your, nothing serious, he didn’t even expect me, much less notice me.” She calmed Sabrina down, who was already fuming, fists at her side. “Well, at least until I kissed him...” Karen snickered, but jumped to the side just in time before Sabrina’s left fist would have connected with her right cheek and left a not so nice mark there.

    Will reeled back. His memories, or at least a part of them, returned to him in a rush. He suddenly remembered something kissing him on the lips as soon as he had entered the room, but not being able to see who it was due to the darkness- a darkness that now that he was clearly thinking about it seemed more unnatural than ever. And then, he had just blacked out, and the next thing he consciously grasped was the kiss of Sabrina back in the airship. There was nothing in between...and he doubted that he even wanted to know what had happened in the meantime. Sometimes, it was better to stay blissfully unaware.

    Sabrina snarled and turned around, walking in front of the small group without caring so much about what was happening behind her back. She knew why she was angry- she was jealous, no doubt, but it irritated her even more that she could do nothing against that feeling. Sure, she could try to hit Karen again, but the elite trainer would just dodge, and she couldn’t even attack her psychically. Sighing inwardly, the psychic gym leader decided for herself that jealousy was not a good feeling, one of the few that she would gladly scratch from her list.

    “Uhm, yeah...and how...was that spell turned off?” Will asked, looking between the two women. Karen sighed again, pushing some hair out of her face.

    “I’m not sure...theoretically, Sabrina’s kiss shouldn’t have worked...we’re not in a fantasy kids movie here, the kiss of true love doesn’t work...” She paused. “Though, I have a theory. Sabrina, dear, how long has it been that you’ve been out of hospital?”

    Sabrina blinked and stopped, startled by the unusual question. “Um...let me’s the 28th...about ten days. ...why?

    Karen smiled. “That explains it. I can only guess, but from knowing how badly attacked you were by the Mightyena, I guess they gave you a whole bunch of anti-dotes?”

    “Anti-dotes?” Will interrupted her, confused.

    “Not for poison, they’re literally designed for the effects of dark attacks...” Sabrina explained in a rush, not taking her attention from Karen. “What do you mean, Karen?”

    “Simply. These things are supposed to have a long-term effect; otherwise, the dark energies could still kill you off after a few weeks if your body was too weak. I can only guess that your body, and thus, your blood, was still pumped to the rear with the anti-dotes and when you were fighting, you got a wound around your lips, and when you kissed him, he accidently tasted some of your blood.” Karen smiled maliciously. “Kinda romantic, isn’t it?” She laughed. “That one drop of blood seems to have been filled with enough chemistry to break the spell upon him, to repulse my dark control over him.” She raised an eyebrow. “You must have really been filled with tons of this stuff if one drop was enough to completely block my powers.” Sabrina didn’t answer.

    “I guess that must have been the ‘three times the normal dose’ the doctors were talking about...” Will whispered.

    Sabrina closed her eyes and finally nodded. “Yes, that is true. But, I still have a question on my own, darkling...” She hissed. “You said this was some kind of love test...and yet, you said before that you had no interested in him.”

    Karen nodded slowly. “Yes, it was, and you’re right, I had and have no interested in your toyboy.” Sabrina snorted but stayed quiet, while Will raised an eyebrow at the unusual title-giving. “Psychic and dark just don’t mix well, you see. I...I was merely interested much you fit him.”

    “Fit him?” Sabrina was not contented.

    “Yes, fit him. See, I really like a friend. He’s really sweet, but naive. And that’s the problem, I was afraid he would fall into the hands of a real ***** or fall in love with the first woman he comes across. He is that inexperienced.” Karen sighed ruefully.

    “What?!?” Will exclaimed, but Sabrina next to him nodded.

    “When Janine managed to lure him away from you, I knew I had to take things into my hands for the time being. I was afraid you were not the...right one for him. After all, we all know how emotionally troubled you are.” Sabrina snorted, rolling her eyes. “I was worried that you wouldn’t be able to return the commitment he gave off. That you wouldn’t be able to completely return his feelings, because of your past and your split mind.” Karen paused for a second. “From what I saw when we were captured at the Rocket’s headquarters, Will was certainly ready to give his life for you, his life and a few more, less important things.” The male elite trainer raised an eyebrow, but he didn’t want to question Karen, as he had a feeling what kind of answer he had to expect from her. “On the other hand, though, I saw that you couldn’t trust him. Had you really trusted him, you would have known that the whole affair with Janine was nothing but a buff, nothing but an accident, a trap he had fallen into due to his naivety.” The woman sighed and Will felt again as if she thought of him as a five-year old when that state of mind was nineteen years behind him. “There was no reason to dump him then. It was not his fault. But you did and he worried over you and worried over you...and it was all for nothing, because it had been a stupid thing to worry about.” Karen chided her. Will backed away, feeling that another cat fight was not far away from breaking out. Better to get into safety now than later...

    “Therefore, I wanted to test your ability to trust him.” Karen hugged her hips and sighed. “And even though you didn’t pass the test in the way I had intended it, you passed in some way or another, so...I won’t interfere with your love life anymore.”

    Sabrina had clenched her shaking wrist, a bubbling vein appearing on her forehead. Will backed away a few more steps, slowly, trying not to attract too much attention. ‘Better let the women fight it out for themselves...’

    “Nice of you...” Sabrina snarled, glaring at Karen. Suddenly, the psychic jumped forward and pinned Karen against the stump of a tree, wood splitting as Karen’s shoulders hit it. Sabrina, normally physically weaker, glowed with an inhuman strength as she howled in an even more inhuman voice. “NEVER...TOUCH...HIM...AGAIN...!!”

    And kicked her knee right into a very special area.

    There was some knack. A few intelligent birds decided to flee from the scene before their nests were put into any danger.

    Will winced with intensive phantom pain.

    Karen squeaked, then her eyes rolled over and she fainted, slumping unconsciously down.

    Sabrina took a few deep breaths, smiling like a maniac as she held her fist upright, her eyes closed. “That felt good.” She cooed, with a bit too much pleasure for Will’s taste. “Nothing’s like a good egg cracker.”

    ‘Egg cracker?’ Will wondered, but never in heaven and hell would dare to ask.

    He sighed and mumbled. “I should better not get in your way, otherwise...”

    Sadly, Sabrina heard him and turned away, her expression only comparable to that of a mass murderer after completing his last job and being interrupted in the middle of composting it.

    Will felt like the next victim. “What did you say?!?" Screw that, he was the next victim.

    “I just said...I mean...eheheh...” He sweatdropped, trying hard to talk himself out of the mess, but it was too late. “I should better not get in your way, otherwise, you can put any family planning on ice.”

    “Wrong thing to say...” Karen spit out.

    Will wanted to say something along the lines of ‘d’oh’, but there was even no time for that. Sabrina had started to spurt after him. Will yelped before he realized that he was better off running away, doing exactly so.

    After a few rounds of chasing, which would have amused anyone had there be anyone around that was capable of being amused right now, Sabrina finally caught up with Will and pinned him against a tree, just like she had done with Karen minutes ago.

    Will looked up at heaven and started to pray that she wouldn’t hurt the crown jewels too much. He was too young to get neutered.

    Sabrina held his shoulders tight, snuggling closer up to him. He winced when he could feel her kneecap up his leg. He didn’t want to be a eunuch, even if he was going to be her eunuch...

    She smiled and pulled herself up, her lips less than an inch away from his neck. “Children, eh? I’ll think about that...” She whispered right into his ear.

    Then, she suddenly let him go with a smile and walked away, while Will slumped against the tree, too, blinking and wondering what had just happened, yet being incredible happy about being completely himself still.

    End of Chapter 7, Part Five (and definitely the *last* part of Chapter 7 XD)
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