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    75 encounters... By far the shortest hunt I've ever had to do, and I found him on SoulSilver, which makes things even more awesome! :D
    I couldn't be happier right now; in the past two days I've obtained two shinies that I've desperately wanted for so long!

    Caught in a Love Ball!
    Nickname Screen
    Nature Screen
    Stats Screen Rash nature, AWESOME. :3
    He doesn't like having 1HP...

    While I was fishing for a Chinchou to Illuminate for this hunt, I found that Shellder and Chinchou are highly common by Super Rod when you fish in Route 47. Once I get a Sticky Hold Grimer to help with fishing, I'm going to get started! I've also started SRing for Charmander on Leaf Green. It'd be awesome if it shone fast like this guy. : D

    Good luck on any hunts people are working on, and I congratulate Fufu again on his amazing shiny Darkrai!

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