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    You kinda have to do all four generations too.

    Anyway, I've almost reached Mauville. I decided to name my Shroomish "Marley". Got to Rustboro, beat Roxanne easily with Bullet Seed (it's alright that neither of my Pokemon were Fighting-type yet, right?). Saved the annoying old man's Wingull so he would take me to Dewford, as apparently this region doesn't have any kind of postal service. Caught a Makuhita in Granite Cave and named it Pogg. I have no idea where the name came from, it just felt right.

    Time to show this region's fighting-type trainer who's boss.... apparently it's him. Yeah, he beat me on my first try. So I grinded a few levels and then beat him second time around. Nobody messes with the true Fighting-type champion (twice)! Went north, beat a few trainers and found my rival. She was surprisingly tough, tougher than in Emerald, but I still beat her easily enough.

    Again, I've recorded the battle instead of describing them.



    Lvl. 21
    - Ember
    - Peck
    - Double Kick
    - Sand-Attack
    An absolute powerhouse. I can't think of anything wrong with this guy as of yet. Double Kick smahes everything in sight


    Lvl. 22
    - Bullet Seed
    - Headbutt
    - Stun Spore
    - Leech Seed
    Bullet Seed is a greatly underestimated move, it has proved useful and I guess will continue to in this water-dominated region. Stun Spore+Leech Seed is one of my favourite tactics. One complaint - he still isn't a fighting-type.


    Lvl. 21
    - Arm Thrust
    - Fake Out
    - Sand-Attack
    - Rock Tomb
    Slow, but solid. The weak link of my team at the moment, but I'm sure will improve. I accidentally didn't learn Vital Throw, which is annoying.

    Originally Posted by mattman324 View Post
    Wow, you beat red with a 39 and a 40? And you call the level 79 your LVP?
    Er yeah, I'm just skilled like that, Lol no, they were all lvl. 73.

    Oh, and it must be named Shroob, Puffstool, or Daytripper. Shroob is from Mario and Luigi 2, Puffstool is from Pikmin, and Daytripper is from Misty's Emerald (Er, I mean Redchocobo) file of coolness that resulted in a screenshot LP and is the inspiration for my current LPing.
    Oh yeah, I read the Emerald LP. It truly is filled with awesome. Shame I already named it, I'll have to make do with Marley.
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