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Originally Posted by Muffin™ View Post

Oh dear god... it looks like a fetus...

"Hey kids, look at me! I'm Wigglytuff the CLOWN!"

Shakin' meh butt!


This is one reason why I don't like MewTwo...


Mew is like an undesvoladated baby . Weird ...
That's not a Wigglytuff . That is a fluffy ball . Right ? RIGHT ??
Mewtwo is like a woman which is like : w000 , hey nice sk8 man wunna b meh bo'fren' ?
No Golbats man ! NO GOLBATS ! I am pretty EXTREMELY tired of it !

Originally Posted by Fire Wolf View Post
I was looking at some random Emerald sprites, and I found this:

He's looking like he's using a sword instead of his bone :D.

I also found this:
<- Pure win. Nothing more to say.

Also, Glalie's animation looks kinda strange:

"Hey friends!! Do you know I can move?"

Look at this:

"What? Someone's throwing a stone on me? Let's make a shield with my foot!"

Also look at Donphan's G/S/C backsprite:

Good that I never owned one in G/S/C, or it would've gone straight in my PC
I never actually watched the Marowak one . Really , really weird ...
That IS the best Emerald animation ! Pidgeot''s lookin' really good standing lke that !!
No , Glalie's just NO !
'Hey lil' Geodude ! Kickin' mah ass wit a rock ? Well ya man , teh fiery legend of mahself will kick yaz' ass !"
later ...
"Noooooh ! Mah azz ben kicked ! Le mehn anoying , me no talkin to ye !"
Translation :
Geodude used Rock Throw !
It's Super Effective (1/2)
Arcanine used FIRE BLAST !
...the attack MISSED !
Geodude used Rock Throw !
it's Super Effective !
Arcanine fainted ...

And that's how a rock beats an uber legendary ! ;_;
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