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    Originally Posted by GrassGiant
    It's sad you can't get Leaf Stones(only one but it takes too much time) in that game
    You can get Leaf Stones from a trainer who calls you, right? Well, it always takes forever to get that call. But I realized that you can kind of cheese out the game. What you do is go to your house and change the Daylight Savings Time thing. Almost all the time, when you walk out of the house, someone calls you. Then you just repeat until you get the Leaf Stone. To make it easier, just delete all the phone numbers besides the one you want. I think that Picnicker Gina on the route below Goldenrod has Leaf Stones. The key word here is "think," though.

    ... I hope that isn't technically "cheating." I think it's somewhat fair given that we have to go through the entire game with one type, it helps to be, you know, evolved. :/

    Oh, this is the YeahYeahYeahs, by the way. If you could change my name on the front page to my new name, that would be great. I'm on the Fire type in Sinnoh.