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    Time to do some Haunter Comparisons:


    Surprisingly, this isn't entirely horrendous. It bares a resemblence to what it's supposed to be (as opposed to the horror that is Pidgeot). The pose is decent, and the grin is just creepy (like it should be).


    This isn't so bad either, for a Green sprite. It is very similiar to the Red/Blue sprite, which is a rarity where Green is concerned. Haunter's right (its) hand looks a lil' wonky, and I don't like the pupil position. All in all a nice sprite, but it lacks the imposing nature of Red/Blue.


    This is one of my personal favorites out of the classic color games. This is when Haunter really starts to resemble its later brethern, and it's the first time we see the mouth colored like it ought to be. This is also the first time Haunter looses a finger. The creepy nature is kept well, and I just like this.


    This sprite isn't so bad, and personally I like it moreso than the Silver sprite. Some of the creepy nature is kind of lost, but it still holds up just enough to say "Yeah, I'm a Ghost Type". We finally get to see more than one color (purple) for glows and highlights. Awesome.


    Ew. I never did like Silver's rendition of Haunter. Here, it looks more-so like an ugly, deranged nutcase than a creepy floating head that eats your soul. He really DOES look like he wants to eat your soul, but it just doesn't quite fit.


    I'm very glad that they used the Gold sprite for animations in Crystal. Still, this isn't a really good one. Here, Haunter totally looses that creepy feel and just looks more ticked off than anything. And WHAT is that hand doing...?


    HEY! HAUNTER! You got your missing pinky finger back! Good job! Really, this GenIII sprite isn't so bad. Haunter regains the creepy factor somewhat and doesn't look like a total dork in the process (silver).


    This animation is a bit better than Crystal's, but it kind of gives me headaches if I watch it loop for too long. I guess they're trying to make him fade out quickly or something, and I like the reaching out hand, but the flashing could've been fixed up.


    ... What? No, really, what? I love the hands (still retaining four fingers), but the overall body sprite for Haunter just... kind of looses the feel it had in RSE. I can't tell you exactly what I don't like about it, but I can tell you that I don't like it. Not to mention the spikes on the left (its) side of the body look a little disproportionate.


    This is my favorite out of the DPPt trio. Haunter regains the creepiness, even if he does loose a finger in the process. The body is a lil' fatter than I remember, but that seems to look okay here.


    If memory serves me correctly, this is the second frame of the DP animation. It serves to remind me that I don't like the fact that Haunter is portrayed with three fingers. It just looks... bizzare. More bizzare than creepy, frankly. THe bottom spike, the one that makes up the tip of Haunter's bottom half, looks a little too curvy too.


    This one had to grow on me, but its not too bad. The pose is a little off (it's looking more to the far-right of its line of sight than over at its opponent), but the hand positioning and body are decent. It's sad to see the glow officially gone from this sprite, but it's okay as a whole.

    I wish Haunter had four fingers and stayed that way (seriously, why is a finger missing between generations?) Three fingers makes it look unnatural in a fat, stubby way, which is lost to a lean, sharp look when there is the present pinky finger.
    •Some of the creepieness helped when Haunter had black with violet highlights. I like all the sprites due to the presence of purple, since I like purple, but having a darker official color would've been lovely right from the get-go and going through to HGSS.
    •The Jack-o-lantern mouth will always be awesome, no matter how zigzaggy the mouth is drawn.

    In summation... really, this isn't too bad of a line-up. There are things that could be tweeked a bit more in each generation, but there aren't really too many abominations (like Green Executor).

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