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What is the Pokedex Map?

The Pokedex Map is the map that shows the area a Pokemon is at.

What programs do I need?

You'll need:
Hacked unLZ-GBA
FR Rom

Here is the tutorial.

Open up unLZ-GBA and find the world map on 16 color, black and white. My location was at 322, but some have told me that it was 314, 320, 330, etc. It's just somewhere in the area. Then press the + or - button until it looks like this.

Save your map somewhere in .png format. Open it in MS Paint, Photoshop, Gimp, just some program. Make your own map using only those colors.

Make your map. Here is mine in .jpg, so no theft. It's for a hack that I was helping with, but the author said I could continue after he quit.

Press Import, choose your image. Press write to ROM. Press automatically fix pointers. Press ok.

It might say Compressed Image is to big... or something like that. Remember the number that shows up, and open up your rom on FSF. Type in the numbers in the Hex part.

Type what appears in Dec in needed bytes, and press search. Then copy and in unLZ press write to rom, and under image offset remove the number there except for the 0 in the beginning.

Press Okay, and it will say Pointer Changed...

It will not show your image if you go back to the image. This is normal.

What is the end result?

I made a little mistake when coloring my map, but it still worked as you can see.
This doesn't edit the red areas as you can see in this picture from Mitchel1's tutorial.

I'm a supermod of that forum.

I've left, bye PC.
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