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This is an idea I just thought of, but I have no idea of how to even attempt a hack, so sadly I will never get to play it

Anyway, the region is Soleanna and you are a boy or girl who has just turned 16, living in a town of which i've yet to name. There is a new lab in the town which is currently being built and you have new neighbours moving in. Your mum says that you and her should go and introduce yourselves.

You leave your house and see a removal van outside the house next door and a woman in the front garden, you go over to talk to her and she tells you about how they have moved from Isle Delfino as her husband, who is a professer is moving to the new lab. You then meet her 16 year old daughter and 8 year old son in the house. The daughter tells you how her father is in another town after hearing about a sighting of a rare pokemon (I would like suggestions as to which pokemon this will be, it'll be your second pokemon as you will not recieve any pokeballs until you meet the Professer). Whilst talking to your new friend, your mum calls you to say that your Nan has a birthday present for you.

So you go to your Nans cottage by the pond and see her outside looking into the pond. You talk to her, and she gives you a Dratini. You go back to town to tell your Mum, and then your new friend comes round to tell you that she is on her way to the next town to meet her father so she can recieve her first Pokémon. You offer to go with her as it wont be safe for her to go through the tall grass without a pokemon...

thats all I have for now and I may have got slightly carried away :D

If anyone wants to possibly try and set up a team to work on this idea, then that would be just great. Thanks for reading please comment on if you like it or not.