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    Yeah, now that you guys mentiom it, some of the RSE sprites did NOT do justice to the pokes. Here are some natable examples, and how they were fixed:

    RS. Looks kinda ok, but pretty stupid compared to the anime.

    E. Pretty pointless.

    DPPt. Now THAT my friends, is progress.

    RS. EWW! This sprite makes swampert's tail look like an appendage of his right form, which makes it oddly asymmetrical.

    E. Reinforces the above theory.

    DPPt. IMO, that's simply brilliant. Though it looks way better with the new animations, gives it a totally "funky" feel.

    Hey guys, any clue why Bulbapedia has animated sprites for Emerald pokes, for PtHGSS trainers, but not for DPPtHGSS pokes? It's just plain odd :-/
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