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    Mightyena looks infinitely more menacing, and Rapidash's pose is awesome. Great sprites. The only ones I can say needs a slight adjustment are Magnemite, Noctowl, and Gyarados - the first 2's eyes look slightly off, and Gyara looks slightly misproportioned.

    I'm starting to like Fortiframe's coloring now after seeing the sprite. Thundull looks pretty cool.


    Now on to the artwork. I tried to post this before, but I forgot the site was to have some downtime when I went to post it. Whoops.

    Tidalisk: I'd keep the expression from the 1st one. It's also starting to look a bit too much like a blue Sceptile - the 1st one had more of an identity.

    Beauteppe & Swardiful: Excellent job. I like how you took a drastic leap in Swardiful's design in particular.

    Pupunch: Again, we agree; definitely go with the 2nd one.

    Sharterra: Looks a little more like a shark now.

    Electesla: Ok, I have to ask: What were you guys going for design-wise with this line, exactly? No matter how ya slice it, this line's still a bit too bizarre.

    Trojorse (Active Form): Cool. It's regular form could stand a revamp, though - it looks nothing like a horse beyond the mane.

    Wormadam (Cyber Cloak): Also cool.

    Pengwint: Looks more Pokemon-like, whereas the old one's eyes made it look too much like an In-Training Digimon.

    Frostoze: I like it, personally. Maybe it could have a rivalry/relationship with Heatran or something.

    I can't pass judgment on the rough sketches; I need more to go on.
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