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The Heracross' Giga Drain starts showing its effect on Golduck, as the blue Pokemon seems to slow down from it.

Eevee's Double Team works perfectly as many images of it are spawned. Even the uniformed individual seems impressed from the display. "That Eevee is much more skilled than I thought... I wonder if..." he says.

Suddenly, Golduck launches a Psy Beam at Sean. Silfayree tries to intercept it, but it's too fast. "No..." the uniformed guy says.

Suddenly, what seems like a ball of light hits the Beam and redirects it toward an open window, rendering the attack useless. Sean, Jodi, and the two Team Dark members are left in a state of shock, as the light around the object dissipates, only to reveal Eevee standing between Sean and Golduck. It appears to be enveloped in a golden aura.

Eevee then shoots toward Golduck, like a bullet fired from a gun. In an instant, Golduck is unconscious on the ground. The Team Dark member that owns the Golduck recalls it and both men run out of the Center. "This isn't over!!" one of the guys says, as they disappear into the crowd.

After the aura around Eevee dissipates, it collapses. Sean runs to Eevee and picks it up. He then turns to Nurse Joy, who finally comes out of hiding. "Is Eevee going to be alright??" he asks, still a bit stunned.

The uniformed guy recalls Silfayree and approaches Sean. "Don't worry. If I am right, Eevee is going to be just fine..." he says.

Jodi looks at the stranger and finally speaks. "Ok, Mr. Mystery! Who exactly ARE you??"

The guy looks dumbfounded. "Um, OH!! Sorry... My name is Chezni! As you probably already heard, I'm from the Zanta Region." he says. "That Eevee... is special, alright... Whatever you do... don't evolve it... at least, not yet..."

Sean looks at Chezni. "What the heck are you talking about?" he says.

Chezni begins to stare out of the window. "I know... Your memories must have been erased... It's the same all over the world... No matter... I tell you what. Let's go to the Viridian Gym. If you defeat the Gym Leader there, I'll tell you my entire story." he says.

Jodi has a concerned look now. "Wait a second! The Viridian Leader is the strongest Gym Leader in Kanto! At least, that's what I heard... How can Sean stand up to that with only ONE Pokemon?!" she says, then looks at Eevee. It seems to be fine now.

Chezni simply replies. "If I am right... One Pokemon is all you are going to need."
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