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Title of Story: The Resurrection’s Beginning and Apocalyptic Dawn
Fandom: Pokémon
Plot summary: The journey starts off rather positively, but mutates into something darker when life doesn’t seem as good as what it was originally. Blood will be spilled against the wishes of many.
Genre: Action/Other
Rating (PG, R, etc): M
Type of mentor needed: Proof-reader/Plot
Writing sample of story:
Time had passed but to him nothing had changed, barring the stupid cowlick in his short red hair, which he had gotten to lay flat on his head. He lazily blinked crimson eyes at the mirror. The lines on his face were deeper, the frown more prominent. He was certainly taller, possibly six feet even. He grimaced quietly at how white he was. Wearing mostly black really didn't help with a tan after all. He pulled his red and black jacket over the black belly shirt. Sighing, the twenty one-year-old ran his fingers over the smooth black fabric of his pants. He still dressed like a kid, after all this time. Giving up, Silver wrapped the grey cape over his clothing. Not much else to do now.

“Mr. Walker, sir?” A hesitant voice piped up.

“How many times have I told you to just call me Silver?! I will be ten times the man my father was!” Silver snapped back at the researcher. “Now what is it?!”

“Extremely high abnormal energy readings are being detected from the enemy base in Goldenrod City, Silver.” Another scientist responded after the first fell silent from fear.

“Base signatures are distinguished on the thermal radar, Silver!” Yet another scientist hollered.

“What are you waiting for, idiot?! Who are they?!” Silver yelled back.

“The energy readings indicate that Arceus, Palkia, Mewtwo, Darkrai and an unconscious Suicune — plus some teenagers — are in the base at the moment.” The second technician answered.

So... it’s begun, has it? Hmm, things just keep getting interesting, the Johto Destroyers leader thought. “Alright, I’m sending Phoenix, Donovan and Shira in!” A very livid glare from Arianna prompted him to add that she, too, could go. “Take these with you.” Silver called out to Arianna and threw her a couple of spheres; they were jet black in colour with a silvery-grey letter imprinted on them. The letter on the balls represented the containment spheres used by a Pokémon poacher from an age long ago, because they were, in fact, the same objects he used — Dark Balls.

As Phoenix, Shira Davina, Donovan and Arianna left; Silver turned back and continued watching the intensifying battle which was Arceus and Palkia VS Mewtwo, Darkrai and... Raikou? “What the ****ing hell?!” he swore. “Where did Raikou come from?!”

Other: I’ve been writing Pokémon stories since late 2005. Being a perfectionist, I’d like to be a Grammar beta one day... and my weakness? Probably making a certain plot-line longer than it should be.
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