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Originally Posted by Peeky Chew View Post
Isn't the ds resolution just one more tile all over?

Anyway, the Dew tiles are really good and well mapped, mostly. Some of the parts could do with a little rearanging and some of the tiles don't match the style very well. I don't really like the title screen, but maybe it looks better animated? 14 of all of the Fakemon are good in my opinion. Menu system looks nice and simple. Over all the front page looks a little tacky. Css can be good, but it doesn't seem to work with the colours you're using.
whats the point in criticizing something which I stated that is being revampes? You wasted your time friend.... The title screen is good, and I don't want to discuss about it. The fakemon part was really rude of you, I'm sure that a lot more on that are considered to be high standard, I see NO concrete game, with a as good quality/quantity proportion of fakemon... Actually, there are no fakemon game demo here other than Uranium. I also see no problem at all with the CSS... it's blue man, BLUE.

Originally Posted by The Dewitty View Post
Please don't judge us by our old screenshots. We're busy with a major revamp and will be posting new stuff as soon as possible.
I like to answer to the posts like above just so you know =p.

Originally Posted by Turquoise View Post
Question, does that pig fakemon evolve from Mankey? cause that would be cool.
Um can I try to re-sprite some of the fakemon into d/p/pt style?
Oh btw, I'm looking foward to seeing some new screenshots :D
He actually evolves from Primeape, we are still not sure how it does, but it will be by holding a item or something else. Yes, this fakemon, as I said ( I think) was the first sprite to be revamped =].