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Originally Posted by ~JV~ View Post
whats the point in criticizing something which I stated that is being revampes? You wasted your time friend.... The title screen is good, and I don't want to discuss about it. The fakemon part was really rude of you, I'm sure that a lot more on that are considered to be high standard, I see NO concrete game, with a as good quality/quantity proportion of fakemon... Actually, there are no fakemon game demo here other than Uranium. I also see no problem at all with the CSS... it's blue man, BLUE.
I thought it would be ok to cc on your current game. The title screen is good, in your opinion. I judged the fakemon by which I wouldn't notice weren't realy in a normal game, Ancanthithe and Nebula seem pretty concrete. I know it's blue, it just doesn't look that nice in my opinion and takes away from the actual great screens. I guess, like you said, I was wasting my time.

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