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Originally Posted by Silhouette View Post
I'm going to do an analysis of my least favorite Pokemon, Drowzee (and to a lesser extent, Hypno, but I'll save him for later).

R/G (Jap.)

It looks sort of mushed, like it got Hammer Armed.


Trying to scare a child or something?


No Drowzee, you are not a ninja. Also, I think you lost some fingers...


And you're not a Mr. Mime, either.


Looks like its concocting a magic potion or something.


You're not convincing me that you're a Mr. Mime.


Looks like its getting the attention of a taxi.


Seismic Toss?


Not only did it get shorter, but also fatter.


Why are you happy? Don't be so happy!


Still trying to get that taxi, huh?

So, even though I have a strong dislike of Drowzee, its sprites (bar Green version) aren't all that bad. Other than losing a few fingers, the overall design remained the same.
O...........M...........G !!!

I mean , I never noticed the RSE ones ! Man , Drowzee looks so hialrious on these .... ! :D
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