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    Originally Posted by Mrchewy View Post
    You're mixing and matching graphics from multiple generations, and to be honest it looks quite bad. You really need to stick to a certain style (R/S/E, FR/LG or D/P) rather than throwing in elements from all of them. Also, level 8 wild Vileplumes and Beautiflies seems very strange (especially given that their stats would be really skewed at that level).
    indoors are 3rd gen outdoors are 4th... maybe if you'd single out what pics your talking about i could explain better... and the above battle pics are samples not real battles just to show off the battle bg, and battle bases...

    the battle screen with the gentle man was a test battle ran from the debug menu in RMXP not an actual battle scene

    I wanna know does the trainer sprite(Gentleman) look a little off to anyone...