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    Before reading:
    There's an even easier fix that's been brought to my attention. Click the "Special Dialog" box in A-Text when editing the intro dialogue. This should fix any problems. If for some reason it doesn't, proceed to my more complicated solution. :)

    I hope at least this thread's existence will make some people's lives a lot easier when it comes to the intro text, though. :)

    On with the probably pointless rest of the thread:

    This thread is for those who have had the same problem I did when editing the intro text to Fire Red - the whole "In the world which you are about to enter" stuff. If I'm the only one who's had this problem, then just ignore this thread.

    Tools Needed
    Advance Text
    Hex Workshop
    XSE (optional, but helpful)

    The problem I'm talking about is having Fire Red's intro text dialogue cut off after two lines with that little flat arrow showing up afterward after you've tried to edit the text in Advance-Text. For instance, if I wanted to change the first page of the intro text to:

    "Hi, welcome to my hack!
    I hope you enjoy playing it, because
    it's really really fun!

    Don't you think it will be fun to play?
    Well, I hope you do!
    If you do, please let me know,
    because I worked really hard on it!"

    I would go into A-Text, search for the original text, "write to INI" and change it like so:

    I'd click "Save Text" and that would be that, right? Nope! Because after finding the text and replacing it with what I want, it looks fine in A-Text, but when I start up the game it looks like this:

    Pretty frustrating (for me anyway)! So what's the deal? Well, it has to do with the fact that, for whatever reason, the intro text doesn't like to use \l and \p to separate lines of text. It only likes to use \n! Weird, huh?

    As you might know, A-Text automatically converts the codes for how we separate the lines. So once \n is used, the next line separation will be \l, because that's the way it does it in game. But it just won't work for the intro text! But don't worry, there's a fairly simple solution using Hex Workshop. But first thing's first. Let's write the text in a way that we can edit it simply in Hex Workshop.

    We can leave it basically unchanged except for one small difference. Whenever you would want to start a new paragraph with \p, instead of hitting return/enter twice to go to a new paragraph in A-Text, put a space and hit return once:

    ^ See how I did it there? This is done to reserve the right amount of space we'll need, since we'll only be using \n for the intro. Thus, instead of having \p separate out paragraphs, we'll have to use /n/n. Got it?

    Now that you've saved the text in A-Map the right way, it's time to edit in Hex Workshop. Open up the Rom in Hex Workshop and go to offset 0x1C5A04:

    Now this is where the intro text begins, but I highly recommend using XSE's built-in Hex Viewer to find the few #s you need to edit, because it shows you what the numbers mean in english!

    ^ See, that's much easier to follow. See on the right side where there's a period after a word? That's standing in for the \p or \l or \n. So we find the one we want to edit. In my example, there's a period right after "because" that's marking the line change. If we click on it, XSE tells us the offset where it's located, so we can just navigate to that in Hex Workshop.

    Once we find it in Hex Workshop, it's time to change it from \l to \n. All you really need to know for this is that, in Hex:

    \n = FE
    \l = FA
    a space = 00

    \p is FB, but if you followed this tut, you won't have that in your text script. So navigate to the # you want to replace in Hex Workshop. For a line space it will say FA. We need to change that to FE, like so:

    So now I've just changed the line spacing after the word "because" from \l to \n! So let's test it in the game. We boot up the game and it looks like this:

    Success! Another line of text! But now it's time to change the part where we have a paragraph instead of a line break. For paragraphs, we need to have FE twice. This is why I had you put a space and a regular line break before. So the code in Hex Workshop after "really fun!" will be 00 FA. We need to change that to FE FE, like so:

    Save and test it in the game, and:

    It worked! And so you just follow this process for all the lines breaks until you have this:

    And so on with the other two pages of text. This way, with only some minor Hex Workshop editing, you can write your intro dialogue to Fire Red in A-Text and not have to worry about it not showing up! I hope somebody finds this tutorial useful, as I have found this the best and easiest method that I know of to change the intro text properly.
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