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    Originally Posted by diegoisawesome View Post
    Wow, great tool! I was wondering two things, however:
    1. Would it be possible to make this compatible with JPAN's hacked engine for Fire Red?
    2. When you go offset browsing, how do you select where the palette is loaded from?
    1- NSE should be mostly, if not fully compatible, with JPAN's engine.
    All that needs to be done is for you to create a settings.ini file to suit your ROM (Instructions in Readme), and possibly switch to sprite table viewing mode.

    2- Currently offset browsing, which is one of the most versatile functions in NSE, can do allot of basic and several complex things.
    Currently, though, when viewing an offset, NSE uses the last sprite loaded for a palette pointer. ie: the main character's palette
    The viewing palette does not affect the in-game palette, but can make viewing and editing much easier.

    For now,though somewhat limiting, the only palettes usable in NSE are those defined as "sprite palettes"

    A palette offset function is hopefully coming to NSE soon, but is currently still under development.
    ^might possibly show up in 1.6
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