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    Istant change of camera with WBTO

    As the title says, this is a command that allows to change in instant way the camera.
    Before beginning to speak you about this command, I want to specify that, the creator of this "makeup" or "magic" (as you prefer) is R!cci (Skoria).
    To understand well what I try to say, I show you a wonderful video with this special command.

    for the one who had not understood yet, for WBTO I intend the command WriteByteToOffset that, as the same word says, it entrusts himself to write a byte in the RAM of the game (an only byte for WBTO).

    Fortunately, for our command, only are necessary 2 WBTOs that point out the 2 positions of X and Y

    Then, our command will be this way:
    writebytetooffset 0xposiciónX 0x2025734
    writebytetooffset 0xpocisiónY 0x2025736
    special 0x8E
    IMPORTANT: This command is only for pokèmon Ruby

    will you ask you, why I had opened this topic in the section "research and development"??
    because I need your help to know how to do the same thing on Fire red..

    Does someone have some idea??

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