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Originally Posted by >Dante< View Post
Istant change of camera with WBTO

As the title says, this is a command that allows to change in instant way the camera.
Before beginning to speak you about this command, I want to specify that, the creator of this "makeup" or "magic" (as you prefer) is R!cci (Skoria).
To understand well what I try to say, I show you a wonderful video with this special command.

for the one who had not understood yet, for WBTO I intend the command WriteByteToOffset that, as the same word says, it entrusts himself to write a byte in the RAM of the game (an only byte for WBTO).

Fortunately, for our command, only are necessary 2 WBTOs that point out the 2 positions of X and Y

Then, our command will be this way:
writebytetooffset 0xposiciónX 0x2025734
writebytetooffset 0xpocisiónY 0x2025736
special 0x8E
IMPORTANT: This command is only for pokèmon Ruby

will you ask you, why I had opened this topic in the section "research and development"??
because I need your help to know how to do the same thing on Fire red AND EMERALD..

Does someone have some idea??
...okay, not "fixed", but... It's not as if Emerald is bad or anything, am I right? This is pretty awesome, though, and I was thinking about it a few days ago. Thanks for posting, Dante

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