Thread: FireRed hack: Pokemon Galactic Platinum EX
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Originally Posted by Co500 View Post
wow well good tactic just one thing stop changing your name!! ahh its confusuing me i look at this thread to see if they were copying you but it turns out to be you!!! oh anyway nice tiles and Ows cant wait
Thanks man. I get what you mean, but dont worry, .Tactic. is a name that is here to stay.
Originally Posted by Ben. View Post
Wow, Harris!
This is look exceptional, really, I mean it.
The screens and OW's are looking great!
The story invites and new and exiting twist to the pokemon world xD
I'm sure alot of people will enjoy play as a grunt!
Best of luck with this, if you need anything, anything at all, just shout!
Thanks dude! Thanks for your support.
Originally Posted by SwiftSign View Post
Looks interesting; story, maps and OW sprites all look promising.

Good luck! (I'll be watching o.o) XD
lol, Thnx. xD
To all who have posted, thanks for your nice comments.
I am happy that I so far havent gotten any negative comments.
Anyways, I am currently inserting more OWs, and I am going to ask one of my freinds for the solution to a glitch that occurs during the name changing process.
Hacks that deserve my love
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