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    Everything starts normal like any other Pokemon game. You are a boy who live in New Bark Town and want so much to become a great Pokemon trainer, also you will obtain Pokedex in the same way like you did in G/S/C/HG/SS but after that story changes a little bit.
    01)Gym Leaders are stronger, battle with them is only to unlock HM moves and to visit Elite 4
    02)Team Rocket is lot different their main goal now is just to make chaos but their real plans stay hidden behind all this chaos they make.
    03)Prof. Fuyima is another criminal mastermind which you will confront in the game. His plan is to create most powerful Pokemon.
    04)Sir Roland is a mysterious Pokemon Collector who's trying to obtain all Legendary Pokemon.
    05)New rivals with different goals to achieve.Some of them after all are good, some of them are bad.
    06)Missions given by people all across the region
    07)Some Pokemon will be found in specific location created only for them to obtain, some of them by finishing missions.
    08) Pokemon like Haunter, Graveler, Machop, Seadra, Scyther will evolve normally by level

    but this game is far from finished...
    finished maps: New Bark Town,Route 29,Cherrygrove City,Route 30, Route 31 and Violet City
    using Fire Red rom base created by:
    • Kyledove - Most tiles.
    • Peyi - PC and Mart.
    • Punk Rocker - Palettes, some tiles made by Circa
    Still learning how to make a script...
    Anybody wants to help send me a message
    [email protected]
    time is money...