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    The process of making this game is taking longer than I had hoped, but I am not giving up. My current goal is that this game will be done in its entirety before Gen5 comes out. Just to show how much work I have put into this project, I will list what I have completed.

    -The entire Kanto region has been inserted into my game. All of the caves, routes, towns, everything. All I need to do is add the trainers and wild encounters, but I won't do that until the Kyushu region(the main region in my game) is finished.

    -About 90% of the Johto region is complete. That is, the overworld maps are. I still have to map out the caves of the Johto region. Again, I won't finish it until the Kyushu region is done.

    -About 55% of the Kyushu region is complete. I have all of the maps done up until the 5th gym leader done. Once I work out all the tile errors and glitches up to the 5th gym, I will release another demo.

    -My sprite artist, PrismSHN-001, is working on "Hi-Defing" all of the in battle Pokemon Sprites in the game. He has a lot on his load at the moment, so I doubt that he will finish until I finish the whole game. (Remember there are 540 Pokemon total in my game. 493 of the real ones, the rest are Fakemon.)

    -Finally, I can say that the soundtrack is complete. There are about 120 different tracks in .mp3 format. I have made more than half of them myself, the rest are remixes that I found on youtube or on other sites. Don't worry, I'll credit them .

    I plan on having 8 bedges to get into the Kyushu Elite Four Challange. Although, you will need 8 badges from the Kyushu region, Kanto region, and Johto region in order to compete in the Pokemon League tournament. This tournament will be insanely difficult. But, you will have plenty of time ingame to train for it. Getting 24 badges will give you plenty of training.

    So, bear with me, I am the only person mapping this out. I am composing the music, scripting, and mapping out the game. So, if you are wondering why it's taking so long, that's the reason. Oh, and I'm in college, so that might slow me down a bit.

    If anyone has knowledge of Ruby and wants to help me work out custom scripts or help me with bugs and glitches, please send me a note. I need all the help I can get.

    I'll let everyone know when the next patch comes out.

    Pokemon Pyrite is now complete, check out the trailer/download link here:
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