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    You start out on a small island that is acual considered a city. You start in Carmill City. You have to go to the Pokemon Institute for your Pokemon, which happens to be on the island.

    First, let me talk about the island first becouse it's unique area will affect a lot of game play and scripts.
    Spartni Region:It's pretty much like the land surrounding Sparta in Greece.
    Route changesome Routes will have a Main Road allowing you to avoid tall grass and trainers. A useful thing if your Pokemon's hurt.

    Now back to your first Pokemon.
    You go to Charter Island(I wanted to name it Starter but it didn't sound right) and go look for your pokemon. You acually catch it with a Pokeball by scripts(don't worry, no missingno). To get to the area you want, there will be signs saying the various lands.

    AFter that, you know all that crap;
    Stop the Pokemon gangs
    Get the Gym Badges
    Beat the Pokemon League
    but You also have an option to become a coordinator. You can choose both but you have a different stories though.

    This game is just in its rough and it can drasticle change as to my content.
    Thanks for REading