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    Awesome FAKEmon's. This game seems to be getting extremely good, and I am impressed how beautiful the game looks. And also while checking FAKEmon's I pretty much decided which ones I wanna use the most, because when this is complete I need to play it a lot and experience every single one of them, surprisingly enought none of the starters seems better than the others so I don't know which one to pick, probably Toofin.

    My main TEAM would be:

    Incensire (Seriously badass looking, is it Light/Dragon type?)
    Dungoon (Dunsparce evo, WTF! How did you come up with that name? Dunsdrake or Dynedrake come to my mind )
    Monartide (Seriously, a rainbow karp how could you not like it?)
    Lungrade (Dragon/Fire or Fire/Dark perhaps? Even pre-evos look awesome)
    Cruscage (Cubone evolution line has always been one of my standards!)
    Gallectro/Hummingbuzz (Flying/Electric and Flying/???, they are both really nice looking.

    Now I throw you with some questions:

    1: If you have time will you include Trick Master in the game?
    2: What is toughness lvl of the game overall, I like most of the games and hacks made here, Fire Red Omega as my favourite because it was hard as hell. So how hard will the game be, I don't want to run through it without thinking, I want challenging gym leaders with nice strategies...probably a bit of a$$h***:ness can be included? (Potions!)
    3: Will you make a Jynx evo? Jynx has been one of my fav Ice pokemons. (Damn Nintendo, didn't give Jynx an Evo while they gave it to Magmar and Electrabuzz, damn sexists!)
    4: Also, my fav bug Pokemon Pinsir needs evolutions! Why has it been left alone for all these years?
    5: Wouldn't it be cool to have more pokemons like Nincada that becomes 2 invidual pokemons when it evolves? Btw, it would be quite sick if Ninjask and Shedinja would have evolutions xD

    Well I quess that is all that I have to ask and plea. Continue developing, I hope you would give some teaser video or probably even a small beta that goes to first gym...or perhaps you are already making it. Good luck!