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I've been putting off posting here for a long time as I wanted to update first, sadly the update is taking a while longer than I thought it would so I'll have to. Now, to the hundreds of replies.

@pikarich: Thanks, I do too. And thanks for clearing that up for everyone, we decided on the names and gym order nearly half a year ago so that's why I forgot.

@Piplup-Trainer: It's actually 4 frames but the third and fourth are very similar. Thank you and we will!

@Wind Gale: Thanks. More on the map below.

@Godlytion: Not very good to here, but I guess school can't be helped. At least you got the main character done, since that's the most important.

@thelaytonmobile: You musn't have spotted it before since we were in The Drawing Board. Thanks and we'll try. Great minds think alike I had the idea when I first went into Viridian forest in Fire red, I just had to have that for story events!

@shadowtogepi: I vm'd you. See below quote.

@pikarich: Well actually, the eggs are baby versions of them. Looks like you've forgotten something now too pikarich You got the 100th post!

@Pidgeot94: Thank you. Nice avatar, by the way. You got the 100 reply!

@Mrchewy: It took a long time to get the fog and clouds like that, but I do see what you mean, so I'll see what a lower opacity does for it.

@Impo: Thanks. Yeah, I wasn't really trying to fool anyone with that xD

@shadowtogepi: Agh, I should have said not to post anything without showing me first. Especially since the baby 'mon list has changed slightly. The Absol is definetely the best of the four, it catches the cuteness very well and barely needs any changes. The Pinsir is good, but looking in the wrong direction. We aren't using Ralts anymore. The Skarmory looks kind of creepy, but I guess it could be good after a lot of polishing.

@Fierce Deity H: Hi FDH, finally made the jump to brighter pastures? We aren't still using your sprites, but we could do with some new ones. Although, the quality needed has greatly improved since the last ones you did, so you'll have needed to too. Yeah, we are. I hope you don't mind?

@sir.euge: I was thinking of adding a rocky area to the north west, since it is so close to Mount. Kindle and that bit's quite empty. Also, we could maybe have a large part that opens up for a side quest at some point during the game. Thanks for the suggestion.

I couldn't leave you guys with nothing, after such a long time without an update. So there it is (look up), XENOTIME's new logo, it's all made by me. I hope you like it and if you would like a similar effect done with the stone/metal/element of your games name, feel free to ask.

Update on update: When I do actually do a proper update, it'll be the biggest yet. Including, screens of the route east of Larcoon (by Wind Gale), the new touch screen menu system (by CrazyNinjaGuy), in-game videos, actual storyline part on the front page and a definitive demo date. As well as all of this, Aquakip may be making the baby Pokémon for us, I did tell shadowtogepi, but he wanted to anyway. He hasn't replied to me for a while so I don't know about his actual dedication, but if he does make them, they'll certainly be great!

I may edit this later with anything I missed/forgot.

Demo Beta out Now!