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    @ Darkerm : I have some new tiles already, the trees and grass (well rather im using a rom base from WAH). As for comepletely new tiles, I'm saving those that I have made for the second region, to emphasize it's not in Johto (or rather not even in that section of the world *cough not in japan *cough*) Also I'm worried about the size of them. I'm hoping to modify most of the game's music, which will require considerable space, I have 3 songs looped and inserted, and another 8 songs waiting to be inserted (sappy broke on me somehow...). I'd rather have a remixed gym leader theme, champion theme, area themes ect over new tiles. (Plus it'll give ppl something nice to listen to as their pokemon are killed by the killer lapras )

    And here's 2 more pictures! (I'll try to post a pic or video every time I post.)

    First Town: Outset Cape

    Some more new Sprites!
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