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Signing up for tutor!

CSS Knowledge: 3/5ths between Intermediate and Advanced; including CSS3 recommendations & drafts.
How Many Students You Are Willing To Take On: 1
Preferred Teaching Method: VMs and PMs, can work out to e-mail from there
Time Zone: GMT-4 DST
Name/Nickname/What we can call you: Solovino

I'm relatively knowledgeable on CSS and used to be the tutor assistant to my teacher at college's Web Technologies class. I have experience adapting CSS from content systems to personal sites (such as from MediaWiki, DokuWiki, Joomla) and have created some minor SVG+CSS or dynamic CSS demos based on Opera's Web Standards Curriculum. Can help with sigs.
One point though: I a m more likely to emphasize how some effect should be achieved rather than how it can be achieved, I'm a bit nitpicking on standards.
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