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Originally Posted by Flameheart View Post
I'm having trouble finding the letter that Steven has misplaced. Where do you find it at or what should I do in order to find it?
I would like to direct you to the first post. Please read it again, preferably all of it this time.

Originally Posted by xDaisuke0 View Post
Hey, im loving this so far, playing the latest release.
But you say that 2 gyms are accessable? I just beat the "boss" at Colt Forest and not sure what to do now, I'm stuck inside Colt Forest, can't go past it or back....

And @Flameheart, the letter is kind of invisible, you see the pad on the table? it's to the top of it, just click A above it, it should be on the counter.
I would like to refer you to the post two above your very own... or perhaps the first post, or perhaps any of the other posts that answered this very same question a thousand and one times.