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@インフェルノの津波: What pikarich said.

@pikarich: Actually, I had the idea, I think. Yeah, I was thinking of having riddles, although it may be hard to create hard enough ones. I do want the HM to be used in some way, it could be like a sort of tutorial of how to use it. But not a tutorial.

@Hybrid Trainer: Thanks, not long now!

@shadowtogepi: I aggree, they are quite bad. Don't go making anymore though, I've already said Aquakip is making them and you're only plan b.

@Bordew5: Thank you. Keep checking the thread for the demo release date.

@blendaz: Thanks, I certainly will!

Before the major update, I thought I'd give you guys something our twitter followers will have already seen. So here it is, the Okyto regions final map:

It took me about three hours to make and I'm really pleased with it!

The map (not including eastern island and mountain ranges) is actually based off a real life region in Britain. The first person to correctly identify the exact part it is based off will win a starring role in the game. You'll be a reccuring character up to the elite four, and even get to chose some of your own lines and what you look like. So, load the map off wikipedia and get searching!
You can only guess more than one time if you wait for others to post, in other words, don't double post! It's in Britain, no where else! The deadline is April the 1st and if no one has won by then I'll randomly select one of the members* who has replied from now.
I'll contact you in VM as to not clutter up the topic.
*Only active members will be included in the shuffle.

Demo Beta out Now!