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    Originally Posted by I<3Lugia View Post
    Lovin' it so far. Simple to use yet incredibly easy to tell what you are editing. Just finished making my main character (male) with it.
    Glad to here people are using NSE

    Originally Posted by Tropical Sunlight View Post
    Can I add more frames to a specific OW?
    Sadly no, currently NSE is not able to add frames...

    UPDATE 1.6

    • NSE now only runs in "Sprite Table" mode at all times.
    • Bugs have been fixed
    • All of NSE's functions have been adjusted to work properly.
    • The "Start Offset" settings.ini pointer is no longer needed.
    • Offset browsing now has a palette offset, an optional gray-scale mode, and different size options.
    • Some smaller less noticed issues have been fixed and some small things have been added.
    Offset mode palette example:

    Version 1.6
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