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    Chapter 3:

    Giovanni and his men took Jack under their wing to teach him why Team Rocket existed. Team Rocket was a ruthless organisation that steals rare pokemon and sells them for money. Jack couldnt believe that he, himself, was a Team Rocket member. Ashamed, he never contacted his brother or his foster father since.

    There were times when Jack hoped that one of the Team Rocket members would have a compassionate heart about the ways of being a pokemon trainer. Not one of them was.

    It took some time for Jack to become like a Team Rocket member. His personality changed from a compassionate trainer with attitude to a ruthless man who has forgotten the definition of will, compassion, and heart now known as Black Jack. Some of his pokemon were having some doubts about Black Jacks behaviour, but Tyranitar still felt that Black Jack still has a good side inside him.

    Stealing rare pokemon, money, illegal merchandise, etc. Thats what he did everyday for the next ten years. He did it better than any other Team Rocket member. So good, that Giovanni brought him a motorcycle for his hard work.

    That was until five years later, Black Jack (25 years old that time) noticed a young pokemon trainer, known as Ash Ketchum, defeated three Team Rocket members, Jesse, James and Meowth, with a recovered Pikachu. That was then that Black Jack first discovered a kid defeated Team Rocket. Since that day he has been focusing on the young trainer. This was beginning to interest him.

    This Ash Ketchum appears on the news on numerous occasions. This kid just keeps on getting better and better and Black Jack kept on thinking about how and why this Ash kept on getting better with his pokemon training, how he gets more wins than losses.

    Black Jacks pokemon evolved into Feraligatr, Nidoking, Metagross, and Salamence.

    At one time, Black Jack noticed a strange creature in some sort of armour. It was standing behind a glass with wires connected to the armour. Black Jack took a closer look at it. The creatures skin was light purple, its arms looked skinny, it had a three-fingered paw, and its legs and feet looked weird. The creature sensed that Black Jack was staring at him.

    Who are you? The creature sent.
    Black Jack became surprised. Huh? How are you talking to me?
    Psychic powers, human. Ill ask again
    No need, Im not deaf. Its Black Jack. Whats yours?
    Mewtwo. Did Giovanni send for you?
    Mew two, Black Jack thought. Sounds familiar. Then he said, Giovanni? Nah, Im on my break. Im just walking around. Are you a pokemon or something?
    I was created as a pokemon to be for unknown reasons. Giovanni told me that my purpose would become clear when I learn how to control my powers. Whats your purpose here?
    Black Jack frowned. I was forced into working for Giovanni. If I didnt, my pokemon and I would be shot dead.

    Black Jack didnt see it, but he knows that it was a little bit shocking for Mewtwo.

    Forced? Shot? Am I being forced into working for Giovanni too?
    That or he is setting up a huge surprise party for you.

    Black Jack sensed that Mewtwo was being confused. What does Giovanni want with Mewtwo?

    Leave me now, Black Jack. I want to be alone

    Black Jack had a feeling that things were going to turn nasty. At the end of his break, he was ordered to the security room for security duty. He was viewing a screen where Mewtwos location was. He turned the sound on for that screen.

    What is my purpose? Mewtwo sent to himself.

    Giovanni came into room.

    To serve your master, he replied. You were created to fight for me. That is your purpose.
    That cannot be! You said we were partners! We stood as equals!
    You were created by humans to obey humans! You can never be our equal!

    WHAT! Black Jack thought as he stood up in shock. He felt something inside that he never felt for a long, long time. It was something that strongly disagrees with Giovanni.

    Humans may have created me Mewtwo sent. But they will never enslave me! This cannot be my destiny!

    Mewtwos anger has got out of control. He used his psychic powers to destroy the cables connected to his armour.

    Stop this now! Giovanni ordered.
    I was not born a pokemon, sent Mewtwo. I was created. And my creators have used and betrayed me! So, I stand alone!

    Mewtwo destroyed the laboratory and flew away. Only Giovanni and Black Jack survived the destruction. A helicopter flew down for Giovanni and picked him up. Black Jack looked up at the helicopter with Giovanni in it. He clenched his fist as he proceeds to one of Team Rockets headquarters.

    During his breaks, Black Jack kept on focusing on that kid, Ash Ketchum for the next five years. Ash entered many leagues and competitions and nearly wins them all. He has also defeated Team Rocket on numerous occasions. The most shocking to Black Jack was when Ash freed the Lugia and its baby from Team Rocket and Prof. Namba. And it wasnt long until he heard Ash received his eighth and last badge he needed to enter the Hoenn League. There were so many questions in his head. Was pokemon meant to serve mankind or to work with mankind? How did a kid like Ash become such a strong trainer?

    Then he thought of answers. He noticed that was inside him when Giovanni mentioned that Mewtwo was never any humans equal. Something that disagrees with Giovannis views, something from within him.

    Black Jack (Now 30 years old) clenched his fist and stormed into Giovannis office. Giovanni was shocked at Black Jacks actions.

    Get out! Giovanni shouted. I will not have anyone barging into my office without permission!
    Shut your hole, you cretin! Black Jack shouted. I have two words to say to you! I quit!
    You dare?! I will not tolerate such rudeness! (Presses a button) Security!

    Members of security came running in holding their guns out.

    Take this man into the detention cell! Giovanni ordered.
    That worked on me before Black Jack said. Not anymore!

    All of his pokemon popped out of their pokeballs. Tyranitar charged at them. The security people shot at Tyranitar, but the bullets just bounced off him. Nidoking and Feraligatr began teaming up on different members, while Salamence and Metagross began using Flamthrower and Psychic attacks. Black Jack also joined in the fight, until he noticed Giovanni trying to escape. Black Jack grabbed him by the back of his collar, turned him around and held him by his shirt.

    Because of you, peoples lives were a misery, Black Jack said in an angry tone. Including mine!
    I can make your life easier Giovanni said with a scared smile.
    Shuddup! Pokemon are not meant to serve us. We are supposed to help each other, but you couldnt be bothered could you? My pokemon have been with me for a long time, even though I was a thieving scumbag, like you. And theres one good reason why. Theyre my friends. They stick with me no matter what. Let me ask you something, do you have any friends?

    Tyranitar knew it. He knew that the goodness inside Black Jack still existed. Giovanni opened his mouth to reply, but Black Jack interrupted him saying

    I didnt think so. Now follow my advice, youre gonna close down this annoying organisation and take a long vacation. Jamaica, China, France, I dont care where you go, just make sure its out of my sight.

    Black Jack releases Giovannis collar and walks away. But theres one more thing he has to do.

    Shall we mates?

    All of his pokemon nodded and started to trash the entire base. Giovanni demanded Black Jack to stop smashing things but he refused and continued smashing the place up. During the process, he tore off the R of his unform.

    The base started to crumble. Black Jack called back his pokemon and ran to the main entrance while Giovanni made his escape. He spotted a motorbike, but it wasnt any motorbike. It was the motorbike that Giovanni brought him for his hard work. Time was short for the building and Black Jack had to think quickly whether or not to take the bike, since he likes it so much, but it was brought for him by his former boss. He decided to take the bike, since he hated walking anyway.

    He quickly grabbed his bike and drove straight out of the entranceway. The entire Team Rocket base exploded behind him. He drove just far enough to see the destruction of the Team Rocket base.

    There was one more question that in Black Jacks mind. How does this kid defeat so many trainers? Toughness, he thought. That must be the answer.

    As he thought about his new strategy, he drove out of the sight of the Team Rocket base and near to the mountains.

    Watch out, kids The new Black Jack is here


    Next episode: Black Jack battles against a kung-fu master and his Blaziken. Will Black Jack be able to beat them?

    More coming!! Reviews please!!
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