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    I don't know if you could use JPAN's engine or not, my ROM doesn't use it and I'm not about to try patching it to an already-hacked ROM.

    To find the location of the byte, what I did was I took the text from the questionnaire (There is a questionnaire. Fill it out?) And translated part of that to hex, then searched for it, then got the offset of that text and searched for a pointer to it. Finding out how the script pointers worked was trial and error, I noticed they used standard scripts when I decompiled one of the offsets that's pointed to for the hex viewer and noticed it was a fully functional script.

    And yes, you certainly could use XSE to compile the text. I just prefer writing it out in hex for some reason. I'll go add that to my tutorial, as it'd be a lot easier.

    I'm going to go look around the hex code later and see if I can find the beginning of the table of behavior bytes and its pointer. Then if I can figure out the normal behavior byte format, it shouldn't be hard to repoint the table and add new behavior bytes.

    @metapod23: I went searching through the hex code for the text "The water is" and found the phrase "The water is dyed", which I expected to be the beginning of the text used for the Surf byte. However, there were no pointers to this offset. So it looks like the Surf byte is stored a bit differently.
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