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    Ooook, well even though it's basically been said, yes those are really really fake-looking. The energy symbols are a dead giveaway, as is the font of the cards. It's hard to tell if you havn't seen that many, but the font is off from the normal style of Pokemon cards. I thought it was odd because I'd heard about others just like this somewhere else, but there must be a few of them out there. Where did you buy these? If they weren't from either a large franchise-type store like Wal-Mart or a shop that specializes in hobbies, then you do run the risk of receiving fakes. Take Donavannj's advice and look for the official Pokemon logo on the wrapping, and if you buy booster boxes they should always be unopened with this wrapping still on them. Sorry your son's cards didn't work out, it's always disappointing to find a pack of fakes. I'm sure if you take them back and make a big enough deal they will refund you, no one likes to be called out on their fraudulency.
    For future reference, if you're unsure of a card's authenticity, just go to this site:
    and type in the name of the card. You can compare your card to the scan, and see if they match up. If you do this with these cards, you'll see that the energy symbols are different and be able to tell they're fakes.