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    Thanks for the help everyone. I did some testing and it looks like it's the second byte that causes the surf animation, not the first one. So it would be the 04. So I presume since I can't alter the behavior for 04 in XSE, that i could alter another bite that I can find and put that in instead of 04? I'm just not sure which bite to alter or how to locate it. I guess I could use 8F, since that's what the tutorial suggests. I just wish I knew what they all did ...

    EDIT: No, that doesn't seem to work after all.

    Oh, and I found the offset for the questionnaire script - it's 0x1A6AC0. If you open it in XSE you'll see the whole thing. It would probably be easier to edit it in XSE than in Hex Workshop. Just don't remove the loadpointer part of the script.

    And for the record, 8F won't work in the second behavior byte slot as a basic script, but it will work in the first slot - but then you can't surf because you've changed the behavior byte that lets you surf.
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