Thread: [Tutorial] Add new overworlds to fire red
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Originally Posted by Pokepal17 View Post
What he did wasn't right because HackMew told me that 0 - 151 are normal OWs, 152 - 240 and "special OWs" and 241 - 255 are normal OWs, because the byte that determines the OW amount is only 1 byte (so you can have from 0 - FF, meaning 0 - 255, which is 256 altogether). Therefore only 15 new OWs can be added.
Yea after looking into it a bit more I can see you are rite, of course you coluld overwrite the special OWs between 152-240, as far as i know these are only used in the union room so if you dont use that in your hack you should be fine. Of course I could be wrong.
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