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    Originally Posted by Peeky Chew View Post
    For crying out loud, the problem isn't with the fact you're using 3rd gen graphics, it's that they're bad ones. Look at the indoor graphics in Malachite:
    They're really good. Try to replicate that.
    You see this is just the stuff I'm talking about, you all complain bout the 3rd gen tiles now when I do change them they are still wrong... OMFG this crap is frusterating. I'll stick with the 4th gen ripped, you guys dont like it too bad... OI also has spriters working for him as I've said before my specialty isn't graphics especially pixel art... And they are custom tiles....
    Everyone wants to complain, but noone wants to make an effort to help fix it... Its staying as is. So those screens are current and so are these: