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    Originally Posted by Crazy Weavile View Post
    The problem is in the fact that you don't NEED it. I did this because I already had an extremely large region and it's more natural than segmenting. You want to add more that you didn't plan for to take advantage of a new tool.
    where did you get that from? Are you sure your facts are straight? have you been to my thread recently? I had long planned to add more but couldnt because i had no way of doing it. I advise you go there first before making assumptions about my project.

    It is fine though, if you did not intend to share the tool, then why mention it? No one is going to beg you, it just seems like you mentioned sharing it just to get a reply.

    Im still wondering how you are going to tell me what I planned for, especially since everyone else around here or most of the people that check my thread no differently lol