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Originally Posted by Full Metal View Post

I think you are talking about compatibility with JPANS engine right?
Since the palettes are overwritten frequently (i think...idk for sure) you might have actually loaded the palette, but then it got overwritten by the routine. I would suggest just removing the player from the palettes that are effected.
Or if i'm wrong and you aren't talking about overworlds at all, then i think being a little more specific might help us out a smidge.
am i the only person who hasn't had ANY trouble with this tool after the update for xp? It seems to me that a lot of people are either
A) Being nubs and not downloading the newer version
B) using a tool that still has a few bugs that has compatibility issues with xp (lol, who would have thought that somethin like that would happen...)
C) Being nubs and not having the right runtimes installed (or some similar problem)
Yeah, I was also wondering that. I have the latest version, and it's XP compatible.

Also, that might be the reason, but I also think that it may just be that it's not compatible with the OW tables function and it's not reading the new palette to load. I might be way off base here, but I'm going to test out my theory and choose a different sprite and see if it loads an original game palette or not.

EDIT: -.- Apparently, I was loading the palette into a bad slot, and one not meant for OWs. I loaded the palette into slot A, and it started working. Thanks anyways. XD

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