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    Originally Posted by Lil MuDkiP849 View Post
    i think this goes here so...

    I would really like to know with shadow pokemon in pokemon XD, can you manipulate their nature with synchronizers just like you do with normal pokemon?? And does their nature change if you soft reset before you purify them to the point of where it shows their nature or is it set??

    Thanks to whoever gets to my question =)
    Synchronize does not work as a nature influence in XD.
    The out-of-battle effects for moves like Synchronize were not featured in Ruby and Sapphire... which was when XD came out.

    You're better off saving before the fight, catching the Shadow Pokemon, purifying it, checking it's nature and resetting again.
    If I remember correctly you can't see the natures on Shadow Pokemon until you purify them... but I could be wrong.
    In other words, it's a huge headache.

    For future reference the nature is set when you encounter it.
    So you can't soft reset before purifying either. x.x;