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Hello, can I have these Pokemons please? I want to expand my Shop.

Shiny Adamant Machamp (380/394/171/126/181/122)
Jolly Weavil (282/339/162/110/204/383)
Bold Blissey (714/26/130/179/307/142)
Timid Roserade (256/151/134/349/242/305) [w/ Hidden Power Fire]
Shiny Calm Articuno (348/185/236/263/383/206)
Shiny Calm Regice (295/94/230/299/548/125)
Shiny Adamant Heracross (301/383/186/104/216/269)

I would offer anything in my Thread for These. Thank you
Hi there, please go to my trade thread.
When I ask for a CMT, please reply on my thread, and I shall do the same.
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