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Originally Posted by Lil MuDkiP849 View Post
UGH great...well there are deffinately ways to purify them quick right? like with the scents n stuff like in colosseum? why couldnt there have been a move tutor for it X-X
The quickest way would be to stick them in the Purification chamber in XD, and then purify the rest by walking and battling so while you do that, up to nine Pokemon get purified steadily in the purification chamber. It's a decently quick process if you have a max tempo going as well. (The scents work as well iirc...)
Originally Posted by Shiny Shaymin View Post
When does Pokemon Ranger 3 come out in the US?
I don't believe anyone knows that as no date has been announced yet? Would just have to wait to find out I suppose.