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This is quite the update.

Or not, perhaps.


Maybe I've been all wrong about Corn-


You still look absolutely nothing like a Pokeball...

Shouldn't you guys be clearing out? What makes you think that I'm not going to go to the police and-

Screw it, Corna can burn for all I care...

I just want my submarine. :badsmile:

Hmmm... it looks like I won't have to fight through a pack of Wholas. :\

But there is one thing I have to do before I head-

Hmmm... it looks like the Inn got a new sign....

(Credit goes to Ninja Caterpie.)




I guess I'll get to why I came back here...

Screw you cat.

Alright... time to-


Okay... I think I'm ready to-

Goddamn ca-


I'll be here all day if I do that... :(

Even if it's that freaking cat.

I just realized...

I'm riding a dragon.


Apparently there were once many seas in this part of Corna before the Union Sea absorbed them by force...

Cornian Pokemon... playing...

Roco'll do that. :rambo:

Diary - July 2nd
I've been making steady progress since I left the city this morning, and for the most part it's been pretty dull. The Union Sea is probably pretty typical for a sea, though I was expecting something a little more Cornian - a sea of blood or some other nightmare fuel like that...

A few hours ago, though, I found a patch of water that appeared to be much deeper than the rest of the ocean. There wasn't much that I could do, so I just moved on, I can't really afford to doddle along, especially when I don't know how far it is until I find some land. Hopefully I won't run into many Pokemon, I'm becoming annoyed with the repetitive encounters with Water types so weak that even Roco has no trouble with them...


You got something to say to me? :badsmile:

Oh... well he is a dragon.

...believe it?

Believe it, man... BELIEVE IT.


You should've thought of that before you challenged me with the only Pokemon that could have carried you to safety. :badsmile:

Why didn't I do this before?

I'm not sure that you know what it is you're getting yourself into... :\

She didn't. :rambo:

Diary - July 5th
Today one of those odd people who seem to enjoy swimming in the middle of the ocean told me, after our battle, that it must be effort that makes me strong. I didn't know exactly what to say to this so I ordered R. Nixon to continue on, leaving her where I had found her. Even after several hours pondering this I'm still not sure what it is that makes me strong.

It very well could be effort, though I think that desperation may play a greater part in my strength. I want to leave this accursed island so badly that- [The rest of this paragraph has somehow been burned out of the page.]

P.S. I started spraying R. Nixon with Super Repel's last night and it seems to make a definite difference in the number of wild Pokemon which approach us - I wonder what its ingredients are? - this should hopefully speed our progress.


Diary - July 7th
I had originally assumed that it would be only a short trip to my next destination, but apparently the Union Sea is larger than I had first thought. The fact that the sea is so featureless isn't helping things any...

P.S. I caught a glimpse of some rock formations not long ago, and hopefully following these I can reach civilization again.


Diary - July 8th
I f***ing hate my life.


Diary - July 10th
I've been coming across more of those odd deep patches of ocean, though trying to use them as markers in the ocean hasn't helped me any. All of them seem to be of similar size and depth. I've tried to deny it, but every day my resolve weakens, but I can't admit it... I can't!

P.S. I saw land only a few moments ago off to the north! I'm sure that R. Nixon should get there by morning! I feel as if this ordeal is nearly over now...


Oh god, it's land. Sweet, sweet, land...

I'm sure whoever lives here can point me in the direction of the next city...

Damn... it's a pirate... who has a thing for pots, apparently.

Oh god...

What do you mean, Trashare Buya? Things like old boots and shopping carts? :\

Oh god... he's a communist, isn't he?

I don't want to... :(

It sounded a little like an order, though.

Who writes using their accent?

Cornians, I guess.

Diary - July 12th
I thought that things in Corna had plateaued... that things could not get worse. Then I found the island. [The rest of the entry is obscured by a drawing of a short bearded man, captioned: "Trashare Buya", none have been able to discern what this is supposed to represent, and Steven is reluctant to discuss it with anyone. Even his young protege, Mark, cannot place the name.]


So... do you have a submarine...? Or scuba equipment?

It's probably sorcery, though...

Diary - July 18th?
I woke up this morning and realized that I don't know how long I've been on the Union Sea... I'm having trouble staying awake during the day now, even R. Nixon is moving slower than he was... But I won't let Corna wear me down! I have to get home!


Diary - July 20th?
It's true.

I've tried to deny it, but after trying to pinpoint my position using the PokeBar this morning I cannot do so anymore...

The Union Sea... it is under the sway of Baro.

I don't know how I was able to deny it before, but now it is so glaringly obvious... Those deep patches of ocean are far too evenly-shaped to be natural. The Trashare Buya man seems to be one drawn to such places.

And this thing with the map, I think that Baro is- [The rest of this entry is written using strange characters, the source of which is not known. Steven claims that this mysterious 'Baro' influenced his hand, and made him write in 'Cornian Old Script', the validity of this claim is unknown.

Who? You and that girl swimming all the way over there? :\

Someone's hair just changed color... :shocked:

Hmmm... :\



You... you do that...

I still don't understand...

Quackie - Quacka Quacks
Quackquack quackle quaquack! Quackaqua qua quack quacklequack quaquaquack Quack. Quak quack quackie quackquack... Quacklequacka quackie.


Quackquack... quacks quaqua. Quackie quaquackle quack quackle quak. Quaker quacks quackles quaquackak.


[It has been verified, by both expert graphologists and Steven himself, that the above was indeed written by Steven.]



I mean: "YAY!"

And of course it's a color...

Thank god... Another person! Who doesn't swim in the middle of Baro's Sea...

Sir! Do you have any water? I haven't had a drink in days...

Screw you man, I can get my own water.

There... there's something... something that's different with... this tree...

Trashare Buya? He said he wanted trasheres... so I'm pretty sure he wouldn't have wanted it even if it were a treasure. :\

I always have uses for hard objects capable of causing blunt force trauma.


Rocks are almost like bricks. :D

Yeah, whatev-



And scuba gear, right?


Yeah... I didn't spend weeks crossing the ocean for Pokemon 101, lady... :\

But... I thought it was a city...

I'm... pretty sure that it's a rock. :\

But it is Corna...



Oh ****... he's gotten himself into a loop...

Err... :\

I'm pretty sure Descomune's die every day in those waters... Assuming they actually live there. :\


I'll be back.

Not reall-


Everyone likes free things. :D

You just keep thinking that... :\

Apparently Baro was displeased with these poor souls... :(

Is one bad ass dragon? :D

Does it?

Well... thanks...

Why would I need to know this?

I bet you wish that he'd get a real job, eh?

While the Union Sea is most definitely wide it is in no way peaceful.

Ahh... so you're insane. I get it now. :laugh:

Yeah... Maybe some other time...

So... it's a gay bar?

Well f*** you too, man.

Is it a blunt object I can hit your 'friend' with?


Apparently he doesn't want me to bring any violence into his 'club'... :\

[There are actually images missing there, but I'm too lazy to go and reupload them. :D]

Oh you 'sailors'. :laugh:

You're so silly.

Who exactly says this?

Whether it can travel to before Baro came to Corna or not is the important question, though...








I can't deal with that crap right now...

"He always wished to find the island that sunked long time ago."

"...island that sunked..."


(Credit to Daedalus)


Uf, alrighty then.

I guess that's true... Maybe?


Goddamn Corna. :(

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This doesn't look to be the most sturdy lighthouse. :\

Oh god, that's horrible!

What was the job?

Why... why are you laughing? :shocked:


I'm Ste-



You think they would have hidden it better...


Apparently this door utilizes sorcery that prevents anyone who isn't a lighthouse keeper from entering...

Well... I wonder what I should do next...

Do I:

Go to that island north of the city and see the Descomune corpses?


Go and see...

Yeah... that.















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