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    Title of Story: Instance Decision
    Plot summary: We follow our young hero, Mitch as he travels through time to fight a team bent on taking over the Pokémon world with the power of the gods.
    Genre: Adventure/Other (Perhaps more. I'll have to think about possible genres more.)
    Type of mentor needed: Grammar, Plot
    Writing sample of story:


    "A stormy night in the Johto region. Quite fitting for what we have planned, eh boss?"

    "How are the generators holding foreman?"

    The foreman glanced at the giant computer screen. "There is no damage to report, sir. The generators are maintaining full power. Taking the plates away from that creature has prevented it from doing any damage the generators, as well as taken away it's ability to fight back."

    "Goooood. Make sure to set them on automatic before we go looking for that creature of the forest. We'll need every single man on the job to have a chance of finding it."

    "Yes sir," grinned the foreman as he hit a small button on the carbon keyboard that lay on top his desk.

    The one in charge looked past the foreman at the gigantic conglomerate of computer screens on the wall opposite. Perhaps there were thousands of screens. He could not remember the exact amount. But he did know that over half of the screens formed a picture of a stunning white creature laying on its side in his test chamber, the rest of the monitors displaying its vitals and such.

    Any second now, he thought.

    He watched on with glee as a lightning bolt emanated from the test chamber's wall and struck the creature. The vital readings on the screens jumped. He heard it cry out in pain. He thought nothing of it. A small sacrifice to achieve his lifelong goal.

    Not far away, a young boy awoke with a jolt, sweat running down his brow. He knew it was a dream, but the pain he had felt, it seemed so real.

    Other: I am a seventeen year-old near-graduate of High School. This is not my first attempt at writing a story but will be my first attempt at writing a FF for the public here at PC. I tend to double-check my work after reading it, expanding on my wording and reviewing grammar so there should be few problems but I still require a Beta-Reader to double-check my double-checked/re-written work. I hope to expand the story to include all four mainland regions of the games, starting off with Johto, then Hoenn followed by Sinnoh and Kanto but, if I feel I cannot hope to expand the story to fill that many arcs, I will settle for a complete Johto arc. I want to write this FF to expand my writing skills and challenge myself. I may take breaks every now and then to complete assignments for school but will try to further the story whenever possible.
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