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This was a great episode ~ And it was good how they kept all the music too (except the title card). Haha, I didn't like the Looker/Jupiter thing, either o.O

Originally Posted by Trap-Eds View Post
-Okay...If Pluto's name in Japan, in the anime and the games, is Charon, then how come in the English adaption of the anime his name is Charon, but in the games his name is Pluto? I mean, why bother changing it in the games? I like his laugh though.
Haha, in Japanese his laugh was actually pretty annoying, not so much in the dub, I thought

This is what Bulbapedia says about Charon:
  • In Japanese, his name is Pluto, after the recently-demoted dwarf planet of the same name, whose planetary status was challenged after the discovery of a larger object, Eris, orbiting at around the same distance from the Sun.
  • In English, his name is Charon, after Pluto's largest natural satellite, which Pluto forms a binary system with, due to their incredibly similar size.
    Along with Cyrus, he is the only named member of Team Galactic that is not named after a planet, though he is directly named after a solar system object, unlike Cyrus.
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