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    So this is basically what I started on sometime when I was still new to programming and marginally dabbled in a little program called Multimedia Fusion. It's been so long since I started this, I'm shocked at how okay my code still is today, though I certainly still have a long way to go on optimization. It was basically done in six days too; I once idled a different pokemon forum and saw how barren it's "game design" board was despite the popularity and decided I'd make my own addition to it to show that it isn't all that hard. I never released it of course because somewhere down the road I got distracted and forgot entirely about it. That and cropping sprites is a big pain, you know?

    The obligatory list of screenshots that should be more then enough to tell you what the game looks like:

    The game itself probably doesn't LOOK good...I was incredibly inept graphically at the time. Hell, I still am, being graphically challenged has it's hardships, one of them is the longevity of it.

    Basically all you really do is adopt a pokemon of your choice, then you get to watch it walk around and occasionally fall asleep or do some silly action. That's it really...apart from that, you also buy berries from a local shop and feed it to the little bugger. Certain berries do different things, the more berries you give the critter, the fuller it's belly gets until it can't eat no more. You have to wait until it slowly empties again before you can fill it up with more. Berries will also increase the pokemon's happiness towards you, some more then others. Finally, berries will also alter stats in some way, either increasing or decreasing them. The stats aren't very true to the main games...but that was the least of my concern, all I wanted to do was rip off the Tiny Chao Garden from the Sonic Advance series.

    It's honestly a very boring game at face value. It gets old rather quickly. There's not many "moods" and feeding becomes trivial very quickly. There's no central goal of the game either; I never got that far. I never could on my own, and none of my friends are of course any help. So the app just sorta stagnated without any sort of direction. I intended on including minigames where you could earn more money to buy more berries, but that didn't solve the core problem; WHY are you raising this thing? Sure, you could be raising it for fun, but there had to be something more to it then that, I thought. I never found out what that was, so the game more or less lies in a forever incomplete state. While you could say it's "finished," there's nothing there to really keep you playing the game apart from sheer determination.

    I thought the concept by itself was very nice however and had tons of potential, which is probably why I did it. I can't realize this potential though because of my lack of creativity, so this is what you get for the time being until I figure out some sort of end goal to give this project.

    Obligatory list of "features":

    * Loading and saving of a game so you breed in your own time
    * Comes with Eevee and Pikachu; more are very easily addable
    * A console window to tell you exactly what goes on
    * Includes the original source that I abandoned several years prior to this release that I finally ended up porting over sometime after the French Revolution happened
    * Mileage may vary

    Before I link to it, I will get this out of the way right now: The Minigames button does not work because they do not exist; if you need more money, just press the Up arrow key.

    Download: hxxp://

    Maybe sometime in the future I can include "moods" and something more to where it feels like you're raising something that's actually TRYING to resemble a living creature, though this requires sprite work that I'm hardly in the mood to do myself. Also, please excuse the URL mangling...getting around my lack of socialism and free time here. Replace any "hxxp" with "http" to make them valid links.
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