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Originally Posted by ●•ΛΣЯӨЩ•● View Post
Playing as a Pokemon?!? Wow, you sure hit the spot man!!
And the screenies seem good but i think that the fog is a lil' too much...Anyway, good luck!!
Yeah, I've had complaints about the fog before... I already fixed it a bit. Though, I like it the way it is now.

Originally Posted by Tropical Sunlight View Post
There are tile errors on the screen that's in your signature
The water edges don't have shadowed water underneath them.

This is graphically and mapping-wise looking very, very good.
Best of luck!
Thanks for noticing, it is fixed in both the sig and the thread.

Originally Posted by ~Gary~ View Post
nice hack!!!!

i like the screenies and the storyline
As Karel_Kazuki already said, this isn't a hack. It's a game made with RPGXP. For hacks.. go to the emulation section.

Originally Posted by Karel_Kazuki View Post
I never would have guessed it took three scripters...And you have been working on this since October or around then?How far has the stor progressed?
It takes some skills, y'know... at least, if you want something besides just a pretty-looking game.